Turkish Kebabs – Do You Love Them As Much As This Man Does?

A couple of days ago, we went to the Yacht Classic Hotel (formerly Yeni Yacht / Yacht Plaza) along the Karagözler in Fethiye because we were meeting a friend there. A very nice place it is too! Non-residents are welcome to use the facilities so we had a gentle couple of Efes beers at the marina-side bar.

Restaurant Tables At Yacht Classic Hotel

Restaurant tables beside one of Fethiye’s marinas

Anyway, while we were sat there, admiring the views over Fethiye marina, we got chatting to one of the bar staff and he told us he was originally from Istanbul. ‘Really? Whereabouts in Istanbul are you from?’

‘Şişli, close to Taksim.’

‘And which restaurants would you recommend in that area?’ (We’re hoping to get up to Istanbul again soon and have been doing a bit of ‘where to eat’ research.)

‘Well,’ he said, ‘my mum is a really good cook and when I go back up there to visit my family, she makes everything so I don’t really use restaurants…apart from kebab places. Kebabs are special…Kebabs are…kebabs are kebabs.’

From this point on in the conversation, we have never seen anyone get so excited about and show so much love for the Turkish kebab. It was great to watch as well as listen.’You have to look for the places with ‘Urfa Kebab’ in their name.’ (There are loads of different types of kebab in Turkey.) By now, he had a little dreamy smile on his face. ‘And there is a special kebab that they call Antepli Kebab and they put ground nuts in the meat.’ He was miming the actions of making Antepli Kebab. ‘And they wrap it in bread and you can’t see the meat…but if you open it up…ahhh…when I go back home, I go into those places and I order TWO Antepli kebabs. I miss that.’

We’ve never heard of Antepli Kebab so if we do get up to Istanbul, we need to hunt one down because he definitely sold it to us!

Yacht Classic Hotel Marina

Yacht Classic Hotel, Fethiye

‘Right, we definitely want one of those then,’ we said, getting just as excited as he was. It was contagious and we almost felt a bit guilty because we were making him crave kebabs. We decided to contribute a little of our kebab knowledge anyway. ‘We went up to Bursa a few years ago and had Iskender Kebab.’ (Bursa is the home of Iskender Kebab).

‘Oh, have you? Brilliant. Aren’t they good?’

Cue another fantastic story from the barman…

‘My English friend came to see me in Fethiye a few years ago and I took him for lots of kebabs. One day, we were in a bar near to my home and he said, ‘Now I want to try an Iskender kebab.’ I told him, if he wanted a real, true Iskender kebab, we had to go to Bursa. We left the bar, went to my car and we drove all the way to Bursa, went to an Iskender kebab restaurant (it was the same one we went to!) and drove all the way back. 7 hour drive, each way! We only got back really late that night. But it was worth it for the kebab and my friend got to try a real Iskender Kebab.’

Now, that’s what we call an appreciation of Turkish kebabs!

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  1. oh yes, I do remember the delicious Turkish Kebabs!! Thank you for bringing back this wonderful memory.

  2. @ Anjuli: Turkish kebabs are just amazing aren’t they. We couldn’t believe how dreamy this guy became over them, though. 🙂

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