Yet Another Turkey Thank You! Two Of Them!

How forgetful am I? Trust me, I annoy myself with it. Allow me to refer you back to a previous post in March about when we went to Meis. You may remember I left my camera on the bench outside our local Tansaş supermarket – and someone handed it in and I got it back later that day. Lucky me!

Well, yet again, lucky me! Yesterday, we were meeting a couple of friends in Hisarönü so that we could all go down to Kayaköy together and then on to Cin Bal. We agreed to meet at Pizza Pepino because it’s on the Kaya dolmuş route and the staff are pretty good at knowing the rough time the dolmuş is going to go past.

We had a drink while we were waiting, paid the bill and then stood up from our seats, just in case the dolmuş passed us. Suddenly, it came round the corner so I ran out and flagged it down and we all went off down the hill to Kaya. It wasn’t until we got off the dolmuş that I felt a bit bare. Bag! Or more accurately, lack of bag! I’d left my bag, containing my camera, purse, mobile phone and door keys at Pizza Pepino. Cue the sickly feeling I am now very familiar with. I amaze myself with my forgetfulness.

Kayaköy Ruins, Fethiye

View of Kayaköy from Poseidon

First ‘thank you’ goes to the bar staff at Poseidon who not only found the phone number of Pizza Pepino for me but also told me to use their phone to ring them. Thank you, thank you!

And when I phoned Pizza Pepino, a bit of winding up was going on! ‘No, no bag found here. Are you sure you left it here?’ By now I was getting a bit frantic. ‘And what was in the bag?’ I explained what was inside. ‘No, nothing like that here…but you’ve got a very nice photograph on your driving licence, Julia.’ Chuckle chuckle coming from down the line. If you’ve ever left your bag somewhere, you’ll know how relieved I felt!

Pizza Pepino kept hold of my bag for me while we enjoyed our afternoon in Kaya and we got the dolmuş back up to Hisarönü later on to pick it up. I think I must be one of very few people in this world who has to rely so much on other people’s honesty – and yet again, I’ve been very lucky. It does restore your faith in the human race, too. We’re not all out to rob and steal from others!

So, out and out plugs and recommendations. Poseidon and Pizza Pepino. No idea what the food is like but they’re great places to sit for a drink, the staff are lovely and you know you’ll get a bit of help should anything go a little bit pear-shaped.

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  1. hi apparently the food at pizza pepino is great according to the good review on tripadvisor. We will be there later this month so will let you know what the pizza is like!

  2. Hi Julie, We’ve never seen it empty when we go past on the dolmuş so it must be doing something right. I’ve just been informed that we have eaten there years ago (I can’t remember) and it was good pizza. Must try it again some day. Let us know. Thanks.

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