End of Summer in Fethiye – It’s Official

Just as the last of the summer holiday visitors are starting to leave the Fethiye region, Fethiye is kicking into winter action. So, what are some of the tell tale signs that the colder months are creeping in?

The Harbour – Last winter, I was posting photos of the skeletons of buildings along Fethiye Harbour and we were speculating about what their final purpose might be. While some are still empty, the last few weeks have seen a few developments going on and, as this is Fethiye…we’re getting two new eateries.

Cafe Along Fethiye Harbour

New cafe along Fethiye harbour

Work was continuing with gusto on this place a few weeks ago. You might remember I wrote about it, as we were wondering whether it was going to be a bar. Well, the bar’s there, the toilets are there, the canopies are there, the kitchen fittings are there – including döner kebab grill – and the name is on the side in modern, shiny lettering: Cafe Doğa Sefası. We’re just waiting for the seating, stock, staff and customers. Where are they, we wonder? We thought it might be open for Şeker Bayramı, but no. We shall wait and see.

Stroll a little further along the harbour and you’ll come to the last (and one of the biggest) of the new buildings. This has been taken on and work is in full flow.

Nayla Restaurant Along Fethiye Harbour

New restaurant along Fethiye Harbour

This is going to be Nayla Restaurant and it’s going to be pretty big. The now customary steel frames have gone up along the edge of the promenade, ready for the awnings to be fitted. (I bet you’ll be able to walk the full length of the harbour soon in the rain, without an umbrella.) And you can just about make out in the photo that the girders on this building have been covered in dark wood. We’re thinking huge windows are going in. Will keep our eye on that one.

Next winter clue – We were forewarned by the relevant authorities that the residents of Fethiye were going to wake up this morning to no electricity (unless we chose to get up before 6am that is) and we would have no electricity until 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Something to do with winter preparations or something. We don’t ask.

As a result of the powercut, we were unable to waste idle hours faffing about on the internet and so it was a trip to Çalış market (where tomato prices have returned to normal levels thankfully) and then back home to do another winter preparation (hated) chore. Winter clothes were lifted out from under the bed and swapped with summer clothes. It doesn’t take long but it’s soooo boring.

Oh yeah, and it’s Halloween and the clocks have gone back. We’d say that’s definitely officially the end of summer in Fethiye!

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  1. I could tell in Altinkum because the hotel where I work at was packing up. Sunbeds and umbrellas gone, the bar was also emptied. So 2010 is over TFL! No, I like my summers. Will just have to look forward to summer 2011. Hope you two have a nice winter.

  2. We’ll do our best, Natalie! Pleasant sunny days, storms, trekking, only us on the beach…oh yes, it’s all starting to sound very pleasant.

  3. thank goodness for autumn, at least it is cooling down here. I agree with the boring clothes chores- hate anything to do with it- ironing, folding, swapping. It is too mind numbing..

  4. Yeah, love Autumn Sarah. All the food on the market is fab at this time of year too. The clothes are one of those minor irritations! 🙂

  5. I rather like resorts at the change of season – you see the other side of it all. Being in Istanbul in March was fun -saw snow on the minarets – weird!

    Turkey is definitely on my must return to list

  6. Lis, whenever we’ve been to Istanbul – it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we’ve always had really good temperatures for exploring. We went last Feb in the hope of seeing some snow and it was warm and sunny.

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