Fethiye Weather – A Day of Two Halves

It’s been a strange old day in Fethiye today. The Autumn weather is doing what it does best – warm, clear, sunny days, cooler, breezy days…and days like today. We woke up in semi-darkness this morning to the sound of steady rain falling on the roof. It’s actually a comforting, cozy feeling, curled up in bed listening to heavy drops pattering on the roof tiles – but it was so dark.

And so it was lights on all morning. The rain got heavier and heavier, the wind got up, the sky became darker and then the inevitable (in Fethiye at least) happened. Thunder and lightening. We sat in the house watching the little blue wheel on the laptop screen on a perpetual spin. The sort of spin that says, ‘Internet? No chance! Have you seen the state of the weather. I’m just going to twirl and twirl all day long and really annoy you.’ Well, the weather put pay to that because 5 minutes later the electricity went off!

Sparrow in Fethiye

A Fethiye sparrow tries to dry his feathers

There’s only so much rain one sky can hold and I think most of that rain was dumped on Fethiye this morning. Eventually, the clouds were empty, a little bit of sunshine popped through and the exotic birdlife of Fethiye (sparrows) peeped out to dry off. Feathers were plumped out and worms were dive-bombed.
Sparrows in Fethiye

Fethiye sparrows preparing a full-on attack on post-rain worms

Joy of joys. A little while later, the electricity returned with a bang – we’re no strangers to a good old power surge in Turkey – and the little blue spinning wheel was once again defeated: The internet had returned to its normal speed. Yeahy! Well, we have got a blog to update. By late afternoon, we had beautiful, warm sunshine once more and only the puddles to remind us of the morning’s weather. I have it on good authority (our neighbour) that there is no more rain for Fethiye till the end of next week. High temperatures, too. Woo hoo!

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  1. I love the photo of the sparrow by itself. What a beautiful shot! I also love the sound of the rain on the rooftop and overcast skies when I get to stay home and enjoy it!


  2. Staying at home to enjoy it is great isn’t it? The problems come when you have to go outside in it – then it’s not so beautiful. 🙂

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