Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2010 – 15k & 8k Completed!

Humour us just for today and then we shall go on about it no more, but did we tell you we completed our runs in the Istanbul Eurasia Marathon? Well, yes we did. The first time we’ve ever taken part in anything like that. Barry got through his 15k run and I did the 8k – the ‘fun’ race. It was fantastic fun!

Istanbul Eurasia Marathon
Istanbul Eurasia Marathon symbol being beamed onto the wall at the marathon expo building

We’ve been in Istanbul for the weekend to take part in the races – and just for yet another excuse to spend some time Istanbul. We love the city more every time we go there and now we can say that we have run across the Bosphorus Bridge! I’ll feel the need to keep telling that to everyone for many months to come, I think.

The marathon and 15k runners set off first and by the time the 8k run was due to set off, it was always going to be a run like no other. You normally see spectators lining the roadside; clapping and encouraging those daft enough to take part.

This is Turkey, though.
The Bosphorus Bridge is open once a year to pedestrians (Avrasya Maratonu day) and the pedestrians arrive in their droves. Some run in the right direction, some run from side to side to take photos of the Istanbul views, some amble along, pushing babies in prams directly towards you in the wrong direction, some stop dead right in front of you to capture that special moment with their friends on camera, some stroll along and chat, the fun runners march along armed with Turkey flags and balloons singing all manner of songs…and then the simitçi (simit seller) guys arrive and plonk their stands right in the middle of the road, right in front of where you are about to run. Eternal entrepreneurs are the simit sellers.

Istanbul Marathon Medals
Not only was the 15k medal and certificate and medal bigger than the 8k; they also got chocolate, banana and 2 drinks at the finish line. Nothing of the sort for us poor old 8k runners. Got our medals though!

Anyway, it was all an amazing experience. Can’t say it’s a ‘once in a lifetime experience.’ That would be wrong because we’ve already pencilled in next year! We highly recommend it. The scenery along the route is more than enough to keep you going – but even if you don’t run, the fun run/walk is just a big fun carnival. I didn’t notice the first couple of kilometres because you just get carried along with the atmosphere.

We’re both now the very proud owners of Istanbul Marathon 15k and 8k completion certificates and medals. You can guess which is which. Mine are the baby-sized ones for the baby race! We also got t-shirts so if you see two posers walking around Fethiye with Istanbul Marathon t-shirts on, it could well be us! Although, for such a big country, Turkey is a very small country. Barry saw three Fethiye people at the race on Sunday – one of them runs on the track along Fethiye harbour when we do! Maybe there are going to be a few t-shirts walking around Fethiye.

We’d love to be able to put a plethora of photos from the marathon day in this post but we haven’t got a single one because I didn’t want to run with my camera. However, I did take loads of other photos over the weekend so they’re going to be appearing every now and then in future posts…I’ve got some fabulous photos of turşu (pickles) that might have to make an appearance tomorrow!

Did we mention we’ve run across the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul and completed our first ever races? Yes? Okay, no more…

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  1. WooHoo! fantastic! I am very proud that you came home with medals! how great is that.

  2. Excellent, well now I’m really excited! Only a year to wait! Well done!

    Now silly question but I need to know for the training…. how hot was it?

  3. You guys make me laugh. I’m so glad the races went well. I already said that if I’m around next October, I’m running!


  4. Sarah, we will guard those medals with our life! 🙂

    Gemthehawk – it was a gorgeous day. We were lucky because it was one sunny day trapped in the middle of constant rain. About 20 degrees I’d say but apparently, it’s usually slightly cooler than that. I think it averages 9 degrees at the beginning and 16 degrees by the time you finish.

    Stephanie, we’ll be back next year. Great fun. Which race would you do? Barry’s pondering the marathon!! 15k for me, probably. 🙂

  5. Congratulations Guys!

    Regards Rob.

  6. Thanks Rob. It’s addictive you know. We want to do another! 🙂

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