A Bayram Stroll Along Fethiye Harbour

The final day of Kurban Bayramı in Turkey, but as most Turkish workers are enjoying a 9-day break, today still had that relaxed holiday feel about it. Tomorrow and Sunday are likely to be the main days of mass travel as family members return to their homes elsewhere in the country.

The weather in Fethiye was certainly being kind to families hoping to enjoy the last day of the festival together. The sun was shining and the whole day was clear and still. It was a shame to waste the day by staying in doors so we went for a walk along Fethiye harbour. Promenading families, couples and friends had definitely had the same idea as us.

Fethiye Harbour At Sunset

Fishing along Fethiye harbour during an Autumn sunset

Bars and restaurants along the harbour were busy with customers eyeing the tables (all full) next to the sea. As soon as someone got up to leave – well, there was no shortage of takers for the newly vacant, shaded seats. We even managed to grab a couple of chairs, eventually.

The parks and street gyms were packed with children playing and parents supervising and pushing swings. And any spare gaps along the harbour wall were filled with what is now Fethiye’s must-have fashion accessory; the fishing rod.  It’s impossible to walk along the harbour these days without seeing a continuous line of fishing rods. I actually took this photo a couple of weeks ago but the silhouetted figures enjoying a spot of fishing in the photo above are now a typical sight along this stretch of Fethiye harbour – there were just a lot more of them today.

Safe journey (iyi yolculuklar) to all who are travelling back to their homes over this weekend.

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