More Fethiye Changes

Continuing from Sunday’s post about autumn / winter slowly taking hold in Fethiye, developments take place at this time of year that serve to change the familiar face of Fethiye. Unlike the resorts, Fethiye is a fast growing, working town and does anything but close its eyes and go to sleep through winter. Turkey was less affected by the global economic downturn than other countries of the world so new bars, restaurants and high street stores are still opening to serve those people lucky enough to have extra disposable cash in their pockets.

Fethiye’s familiar waterside cafes remain busy during the daytime, especially at the weekends. On weekdays, they are generally full of friends drinking çay, eating tost (a Turkish toastie) and playing backgammon. A lot of these work in tourism and so have time on their hands at this stage of the year.

It’s one of these waterside cafes that I have in mind today. When did this happen?

Address Bar on Fethiye Harbour

Another change in Fethiye

Address Restaurant and Cafe Bar. For as far back as we can remember, Address Restaurant and Cafe Bar was Tadım Cafe. It was one of Fethiye’s long-time waterside institutions along with Martı, Palmiye and the council owned tea garden (Belediye Çay Bahçesi) amongst others.

I’ve written in the past that refurbishments can take place on a rapid scale in Turkey (they can also take an age – depends on funds and the sense of urgency!) but this one takes the biscuit. Maybe some of you reading this saw it all happen (it was about three weeks ago) but we’ve managed to completely miss this one. We walked into Fethiye one day and there was the familiar Tadım. A few days later – Address!

We’re not just talking about a name change here. The toilets have been moved to the opposite side of the building, the old kitchen has been ripped out, extended, completely replaced and shunted across a little bit, there’s now a proper bar on the left hand side rather than the little serving hatch they used to have on the right and a completely re-tiled floor. Surely, this involved closure for a short time, banging, drilling, hammering, angle grinding, rubble, general disruption…When did they do it and why did we not notice it when we walk around there all the time? That’s Fethiye for you.

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  1. Is it the same adress restaurant which was once runned where SOBE is now? If that’s the case, they were the best restaurant of their time, and we’re likely to see the greatest service and food there.

  2. That’s exactly what we were thinking Fatoş! Some of the same Tadım staff are still there but we don’t know if it’s different owners…

  3. This should tell you how much I love your blog! You have just been conferred with an award 🙂 please check my blog post for rules.
    Cardamom hills

  4. I love your blog. Oh how I wish I could be in Fethiye right now!

  5. Thank you Cardamom Hills and Anonymous (wish we knew who you you are, anonymous).

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