Dalyan – M&M Rock Bar

If you’ve ever been trekking on a crisp, sunny, winter’s day and have found yourself trying to get back down the hills as quickly as you can because the light’s fading, the temperature’s falling fast…and you can see the village in the distance with the warm glow of twinkling lights from the local pub, and you want to feel warm and have a beer in your hand and…well, if you’ve been in that position, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s just the cosiest form of bliss I can think of.

We didn’t go trekking yesterday. We went to pick friends up from Dalaman Airport and took advantage of having a car for the day. The daytime is another post, but, as it got darker, it started to get quite cold – colder than Fethiye for some reason. We decided to head to Dalyan to see if there was anywhere open where we could get warm and get something to eat and drink; after all, it’s only a 20 minute drive to Dalaman airport from Dalyan.

M&M Rock Bar in Dalyan

The Cozy Looking M&M Rock Bar – Dalyan

We parked up by the river in Dalyan and attempted to walk down the street we’re normally so familiar with – except it was very dark. In fact, the street was almost unrecognisable. We were just about to turn back and return to the main street when we saw that tell-tale, warm, inviting glow. That, ‘You’re going to be really warm and cosy if you come inside,’ glow. It was coming from the M&M Rock Bar.

M&M Rock Bar in Dalyan

Interior of M&M Rock Bar, Dalyan

A few people inside playing pool, tangerines on the table rather than the customary nuts (Dalyan is part of citrus country), a dart board, oval-shaped bar in the centre of the room, good music…

Motorbike At The Rock Bar In Dalyan

Live music – and bike parking area – M&M Bar, Dalyan

…motorbike parked up inside! And when toilet time came, I have to admit to being a bit wary. However, it was a very pleasant experience. Ladies; after you leave your area, you are bid farewell by a poster of the oh-so-pleasing-to-the-eye, Jim Morrison. Gents; you get a lady without clothing – except for a strategically placed guitar!

We’re bar people, as you know and we can safely say we’ve found our little area of familiarity and comfort whenever we’re next in Dalyan. Live music at weekends (rock and folk) and to top it all off, a friendly landlord in Müfit. Müfit looks like a bit of a rock fan himself (the clothes, hair and jewellery give it away!) and is a very friendly chap – hence us knowing his name after just two drinks. He also knows Fethiye quite well. Good to have something in common!

We’re already pondering a night or two in Dalyan during the upcoming warmer months and this bar will definitely be our night time haunt. We’re thinking about camping, just so the warm glow from M&M Rock Bar will look just that bit more inviting.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind doing Dalyan within the warmer months. I have only ever seen the airport. TBH about two hundred times when I was transfer repping!

  2. Dalyan’s lovely Natalie. Didn’t know you were a teansfer rep. I have absolutely no envy whatsoever for those poor reps! 🙂

  3. I would definitely like to spend some time at M&M with you “bar people”! It looks like such a cozy and fun place. A poster of Jim Morrison in the toilet area — very cool.

  4. This looks like such a fun place. Almost like inside someone’s house!

  5. @ Cathy: We haven’t been to place until we’ve checked out a few of the bars. 🙂

    @ Greg: It was. Looking forward to going back there in summer.

    @ Corinne: It was really cosy and warm. Just waht we needed as it got colder outside.

  6. I would stop in and have a beer at this bar. It doesn’t really look like a bar on the inside. It looks like a fun place from the photos you put up though. Any place with a motorcycle parked inside has got to be fun.

  7. @ Steve: It was a lovely bar. Tangerines as nibbles was a definite first, too. As for the motorbike, they’re a bit of an obsession in this part of Turkey at the moment. Lots of biker clubs.

  8. A bar with a bike parked in it can only be good.I wouldn’t mind going to the ‘ladies’ there just to look at the good bye poster.

  9. Yes, a very nice farewell Inka, once you’ve relieved yourself! 🙂

  10. We have just had our fourth visit to Dalyan (summer months only lol) and The Rock Bar is a great place…..very welcoming and cool music too….ps, he does park his bike outside in the summer…. 😉


  11. Christine says

    I have lost track of the number of times I have been to Dalyan. At least 14 nights every year are spent at Müf and Mustafa’s Rock Bar. Another couple of weeks and it will be the annual reunion 🙂

  12. @ David: Nice to hear the bike goes outside in summer. 🙂

    @ Christine: Well enjoy your annual reunion in Dalyan. Would love to spend a couple of nights there in season. 🙂

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