Fethiye Rumours – Kont The Dog

Kont The Dog At Deep Blue Bar in Fethiye
Kont the Dog in Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

A while back, we did a post on our favourite Fethiye animal, Kont the Dog. If he could sit down to write his autobiography, it would make for interesting reading. A former Paspatur resident, Kont the Dog has had a strange old life of ups and downs. Passed from one owner to the next, he finally became a street dog, adopted Deep Blue Bar as his home, got a doggie girlfriend, lost his doggie girlfriend in a road accident, found a new girlfriend…

…and then last year, local officials decided it was no longer right that Kont could wander the streets of Paspatur. That’s when a few of the infamous Fethiye rumours kicked into action and by last summer, we were hearing stories around Fethiye that Kont was no longer of this world (to put it politely). He was actually very much alive and was up at the animal shelter on the road to Üzümlü.

Fortunately and deservedly, the end of Kont’s autobiography is going to be a happy one. Someone visiting the Fethiye animal shelter saw Kont and decided he was the dog for them. He is now living with his new owner, under a new name, in a few thousand square metres of garden, he’s looking great and he’s got a new girlfriend who he is very happy with. Lots of people miss Kont very much (we miss him every day) but we’re really happy to know he’s finally settled in a lovely, new home.

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  1. New name? Is that like the witness protection program?

  2. Ha ha. His new owner wasn’t told his original name and now Kont is already used to his new name. 🙂

  3. Aww… sniffle …. always love a happy ending.

  4. Hi. How is the partylife in Fethiye? We are thinking about Fethiye and Alanya? We want a nice holiday with parties.. Can you please write back? I can’t find anything on google or travelingguides..

    Take Care.

  5. @ Ping: Aww…us, too. 🙂

    @ Jannicke: Maybe look at Hisaronu and Ölü Deniz if you like the Fethiye region but want parties. We’ve never been to Alanya but have friends who always holidayed there (and enjoyed it) and have since bought a place here in Fethiye. This whole area seems to be able to squash in parties, relaxing, beaches, friendly, mountains, beaches, sea bla bla. Obviously, we love it. 🙂

  6. It’s lovely to hear about one of Fethiye’s street animals doing so well. My cat Sultan landed on her paws when I met (and fell in love with) her in the Uzumlu shelter back in 2004. After a little stint in quarantine, she is now a very happy 7 year old and lives in London at the moment. Who knows where next!

  7. @ Liv: It was time he had a regular owner where he can live happily in his twilight years. He’s been with us all since being a pup but each person’s circumstances meant none of us could take him in. Glad you and Sultan found each other. 🙂

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