Sarıgerme – Winter in Turkey

This winter, we’ve had a sprinkling of friends out to visit Fethiye. That’s meant we’ve had more access to a car than we normally would, resulting in a mini-series of posts on Turkey’s For Life about enjoying winter in the Fethiye region. We’ve basked in the winter sun in Ölüdeniz and savoured a cold Efes Pilsen at Gemiler Bay. When our friends were leaving just after New Year the sun wasn’t shining, but we still managed to spend some time taking in the winter scenery in Göcek, before taking them to Dalaman Airport for their flight home.

We’re not car owners and, living in Fethiye, we don’t really miss one because the public transport is so good. That said, when we spy an opportunity for having a car for the day, we snatch it. Last week, some other friends were due to fly into Dalaman Airport in the evening and asked us to arrange a transfer from the airport for them. ‘We’ll pick you up!’ Pick up the hire car in the morning, go out for the day, meet friends at Dalaman airport and then drive them back to Fethiye. Everyone’s a winner! We get a car, they get a lift. Unfortunately, we can’t choose the weather. It was a tad dull.

Sarıgerme Beach Near Dalaman Airport

A deserted Sarıgerme Beach

We thought it best not to stray too far from Dalaman, so getting a few winter photos of the nearby beach at Sarıgerme seemed like a good option. It’s many years since we last visited Sarıgerme so we were expecting major changes…there weren’t any. Well, there are a few more villas in the village, perhaps a couple more ‘genuine fake sunglasses’ shops and the ridiculously potholed entrance road from Dalaman has had (most of) its potholes filled in, taking a good few minutes off the driving time.

Sarıgerme Beach Near Dalaman Airport

Perfect picnic spot – Sarıgerme Beach

Sarıgerme is every beach lover’s dream come true. Hence the reason we’ve not been there for so long. There is absolutely no reason to be there in winter unless you’re like us and enjoy a bit of solitary. Apart from us, there was one other guy there doing his exercises and he is the only other human being we saw until we left for Dalyan a little later on. Not a single business open in Sarıgerme village, situated about 1.5 kilometres from the beach. It appears the buildings here exist purely for the holidaymakers.

Sarıgerme Beach Near Dalaman Airport

Sunbathing space along Sarıgerme Beach

We don’t know much about Sarıgerme (I’m wondering, is there much to know?) so I had a quick look in our Rough Guide to Turkey as a bit of research, before starting this post. Sarıgerme is praised for its natural beauty – yes, we could definitely see the natural beauty! What we have learned is the beach, as with nearby Iztuzu Beach, is a nesting area for the loggerhead turtle. Hopefully, this is why development hasn’t happened on as large a scale as we expected.

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  1. Aww that looks one beautiful beach! I’ve only been to Istanbul, but Turkey is all to be discovered, totally in love with its people (AND food)!

  2. @ Angela: Yes, a fabulous beach. We’re hoping to be back in Istanbul soon but there is so much we’ve still not seen in Turkey. We have to keep fitting Istanbul around those other places.

  3. Looks like a great looking beach. The kind of place you could spend hours just contemplating life.

  4. I love the second photo – so serene yet the sea is a little rough. I could bring my notebook there and write!

  5. @ Spencer: It’s a great beach where you could spend hours contemplating life…in winter. I suspect it might be a different story in summer.

    @ Corinne: The sea had some very odd currents going on. I wouldn’t think it was safe to swim there in winter. Yes, would be great to sit alone, writing. 🙂

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