Turkey’s For Life – 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

I know we’re already into the second day of 2011. Maybe this post should have been done yesterday, but we always think of January 1st as the day that we just have to get through in order to come up smiling on the 2nd, ready to begin the new year with gusto. January 1st is the aftermath from New Year’s Eve for us. After a lovely (and boozy and late) night out in Fethiye with friends on the 31st, last night was a pot of tea and in bed for 10pm!

New Year's Day in Fethiye Bay

Fethiye Bay – January 1st 2011

So, today is the beginning of the new year for us and by now, I normally have my New Year’s Resolutions firmly in my head. Nothing concrete this year, though, at least on a personal level. We have however made a few resolutions that all seem to centre around this blog. I think I’ve mentioned before, in our Turkey’s for Life 1st birthday post, these things seem to take over your life! All good fun, though.

View Towards Calis Beach

Looking towards Çalış – New Year’s Day 2011

  • About three months ago, we wrote a To Do list which consisted of about 20 items; all to do with how we think can make Turkey’s For Life a better blog. I think there are currently only two items ticked off that list. The items on the list are all very doable – it just needs us to do them and the month of January should be enough time to get them done…
  • I need to go ‘pro’ on Flickr (I don’t think that even made it to our To Do list) so that I can contribute more photos to our Turkey’s For Life Flickr group instead of letting others do the work by adding their photos.
  • Both of us are still loving doing the blog and at the moment, we can’t foresee a time where it will become a chore. As well as rambling on about our daily life, we both want Turkey’s For Life to be a useful resource for people visiting the Fethiye area (and over time, other regions of Turkey). That means we’re going to have to get off our backsides a bit more and get out there revisiting places, exploring new places and taking recent photos.
  • More trekking, particularly around Lycian Turkey, to be done. If / when we do a good trek, we’ll post it on here.
  • As you know, we both love Turkish food and cooking and we’ve posted quite a few Turkish cooking recipes throughout 2010. That will definitely continue throughout 2011 and I have some vague idea that I’d like to do a bit more research behind the recipes we do and find out which part of Turkey they come from and why they came into existence in the first place. I say ‘vague’ because I can’t see where the time is going to come from for all that extra research, but let’s see.

Turkey’s For Life is a more than enjoyable hobby (or should that be ‘obsession’?) for both of us and along the way, throughout 2010, we’ve received more encouragement from others than we could ever have imagined. Being that it’s New Year, we’re both upbeat and excited about the possibilities for 2011 – hope you can stick around with us to see what happens…

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  1. Going pro on Flickr is well worth it! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I do a lot of living vicariously here!

  2. I am using Picasa simply because I started w/ it but everyone I know has a Flickr account. Not sure what I am missing. Happy and healthy new year to you and I hope you continue w/ your obsession!

  3. @Sam: I’ve been meaning to do to do it for ages. I’ve run out of room on my freebies bit now! 🙂

    @Sarah: I’m on Picasa by default because we’ve got a Blogger blog. Really good. BUT I really like Flickr just because I can share my pics in a way I like to.
    However, Flickr is obviously not a Brit thing (generally) cos none of our very online friends use it.

  4. Love your blog. I really appreciate all the work you put into it. Please keep it up in 2011. You are doing a fantastic job.

  5. My New Years resolutions? Well, there is none. I am going to go with the flow and take it easy this year. Wouldn’t mind seeing your list of things to do for the blog though. Always wanted to ask, why you are not self hosting?

  6. @ Anonymous: Thanks. We love to receive comments like this one. We fully intend to keep posting throughout 2011. 🙂

    @Natalie: Don’t blame you for taking it easy. 🙂
    As for the blog, we started it just for something to occupy us really. Had no idea what we intended for it and blogspot is free. All that could change at some point but no plans as yet.

  7. I’m looking forward to your treks in Lycia! Can’t wait to see the pics on Flikr Pro! Happy 2011!

  8. Will look you up on Flickr Connie. 🙂 Not succeeded in getting sorted to organise my pro account yet though…

  9. Dinners and Dreams says

    My resolution is to spend more time with my family and less in front of the computer. Hopefully!


  10. It’s the time in front of the computer that’s the difficult one, Nisrine. I try my best to keep it in check – but fail miserably sometimes! 🙂

  11. Just keep up the great content and excellent work here and it will all be good!

  12. @ Stories From Turkey: Thanks. Hopefully all will be well! 🙂 Same for you, too.

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