Cross-Training in Fethiye – The Fethiye Round

A few posts ago, we mentioned about going to Antalya at the beginning of March to take part in Runtalya – a 10k run. I’ve pounded the Fethiye running track all of five times now and my shins are sore – I’m not cut out for a life of athletics – so we decided a bit of cross-training was called for. A circular walk from our home, along the high road of Fethiye, back down and along the harbour to home again. We’ve also heard some Fethiye rumours that Kale Park (the restaurant of fantastic view fame) was being demolished. This walk goes past Kale Park so we didn’t need to deliberate for long about which route to take. We wanted to see what was going on.

Fethiye Tombs & Kale Park Restaurant

Lycian tombs, goats and the remainder of Kale Park

After walking along the harbour, we passed the dolmuş station, crossed the road and cut through one of the many gaps between the high street shops. The steep uphill roads and alleys take you through old Fethiye – a few whitewashed houses, old ladies sitting and chatting along the roadside. These alleys and roads will bring you out onto the main road that joins the Kayaköy road and you have a choice of left or right. Turn right and continue to climb towards Kale Park. Behind you are the Fethiye Lycian rock tombs and views over the town. No time to admire these today. We were cross training – and there are always a few goats along the way and some smaller Lycian tombs to take in. Out of breath, we finally reached the site of Kale Park…and a huge chunk has indeed been demolished. But, the area where the kitchens are and the main doors are still standing. We saw a note on the door. ‘Tadilattayız. (Changes, alterations, amendments) Perhaps an understatement. It appears ‘Tadilattayız’ can mean anything from ‘We’re closed because we’re having our shop refitted with some new shelving,’ to, in this case, ‘We’re closed because our restaurant needs to be less than half the size it once was.’ We love Kale Park so we’re hoping it will be open again soon – albeit in a smaller capacity.

Anyway, on with the power walking. Well, once we’d got up the hill to Kale Park, this was photo-taking time so there wasn’t much power walking going on, to be honest. Continue straight ahead, keeping the sea to your right, and you’ll start to make a gradual descent. The views over Fethiye are fabulous, especially at this time of year. Views over Fethiye Harbour Follow the road, lined by a turreted stone wall… Fethiye From Above …and terraced, wooden seating areas. Some of these have seen better days but they still make a good photo. Fethiye Marina From Above

Today, the road back towards ground level had beautiful, winter’s morning views… Fethiye Marina …and vistas over Fethiye marina and harbour. There are footpaths and steps that will lead you directly down to ground level of the 1st Karagözler or Paspatur but we wanted to enjoy the views from the road and take the longer route. Eventually, you come to a 3-way junction. Look uphill to the left and you can see one of the Karagözler hotels; Pırlanta. Pırlanta Hotel in Fethiye This was where it all began for us; the hotel we stayed in on our first holiday to Turkey. How I used to walk up and down this hill in my high heels (this is just the second half of the incline and there were no steps at the time!) I just don’t know. But, this was getting on for 13 years ago. I was younger and more enthusiastic in those days.

Take the road, not up the hill but to your right, and you will continue steeply downhill. Bear left at the bottom and you will see another of the Karagözler hotels; the Yacht Boutique Hotel. Yacht Boutique Hotel in Fethiye Take a right here and you can walk along the Karagözler and Fethiye marina, towards Paspatur and back to the dolmuş station. In our case, we continued along the harbour and walked back home.

  • Walk up the hill from the dolmuş station and turn left. After 200 metres or so, you’ll see a road sign, pointing to the right for Kale Park and Kayaköy. This is a more obvious route if you don’t want to find a route through the streets.
  • A round trip from the dolmuş station and back, via Paspatur will only take you take you about an hour. However, you can make this little stroll last as long as you like by stopping off. Refreshments are available at Kale Park (if it reopens), a small cafe further along the road (no alcohol served) and the numerous bars and restaurants along the harbour and in Paspatur.

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  1. I’m impressed. I need a road like this to get me to do a 10K.

  2. Love the photos Julia. Specially the ones of the view. Fantastic.

  3. @ Belinda: You’d think we’d be out training every day wouldn’t you? Well, it’s still a chore. 🙂

    @ Natlie: Thanks. I’m getting snap-happy because I’ve got my pro account on Flickr so I can add loads more photos now.

  4. Isn’t Turkey photogenic? These pix are just lovely. How long have you lived in Fethiye, Julia? You sound really established!


  5. @ Claudia: Isn’t it just. It’s so easy to make a photo look good when the surroundings are good, too! 🙂 I don’t know about ‘established’ but we’ve been around a while.

  6. I’d be out walking more if I had those good views to look at. Although I can’t complain really, I had a walking path along the Mississipp that was beautiful.

    You do have some beautiful views and pictures.

  7. @ Steve: We never get bored of the views over Fethiye. Sounds like you had great views, too. It does help with motivation for keeping fit.

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