Fethiye: Cafe Cafe Revisited

There’s change afoot in Fethiye and it’s happening right before our eyes. Last March, we wrote about the great coffees being served at Cafe Cafe in the centre of Fethiye. The place has always ticked over and done a decent trade; people popping in for a coffee while shopping, bank staff whiling away their lunch break or winding down after work.

After we did the post last March, we started to eat there quite a lot after friends recommended the food. Throughout the summer months, we took our visiting friends there, confident in the fact that everyone would enjoy their food, coffee or frothy hot chocolate. They always did. And then winter came and we were expecting the same scenario as last winter. Cafe Cafe ticking over, us sitting in there on an early weekend evening  – the only two customers – before moving on to Deep Blue.

The Garden Room at Cafe Cafe in Fethiye

The rear garden room of Cafe Cafe in Fethiye

But no. This winter, sitting in Cafe Cafe for any length of time reveals a changing Fethiye. Cafe Cafe has become a stop-off point for just about anyone walking past. Teenage school children will drop in on their way home from school for hot chocolate, soft drinks, waffles topped with ice-cream. Shoppers wander in, loaded with bags, and share huge wedges of carrot cake and cheese cake. Young professionals will sit for hours, laptop open, and sip large glasses of çay (Turkish tea) or bottles of beer. And, as evening falls, groups of young people will come in. Food will be ordered and they either stay there all night or enjoy a meal together before moving on to other bars.If all this sounds like a normal cafe situation; it is. Except this never used to happen in Fethiye. What happened? Were businesses aware there was more disposable income in Fethiye and therefore moved into the area, or are the people of Fethiye merely choosing to spend whatever spare money they have on different treats than previously?

Real Fire at CafeCafe in Fethiye

Cosy winter fire in Cafe Cafe, Fethiye

Whatever the case may be, these days the Fethiye high street shops are more crowded – Turkish chain store LC Waikiki Clothing recently opened a 4-storey shop and is doing a roaring trade. Cafe Cafe is ideally situated along the main shopping street, Çarşı 95 Sokak and so benefits from all these extra customers – and those customers are returning for meals in the evening. We went there last Thursday for a meal and had to wait for a table. Others were waiting behind us. We were there yesterday afternoon (well, it was Valentine’s Day!) and I was lucky to get the two photographs above. Ten minutes later, there was only one empty table.

Cafe Cafe is not super cheap – but you’ll struggle to find better value for this quality of food. My favourite dish on the menu, seafood pasta, is 16 lira. Compared to other places in Fethiye, the menu is small – but the food that is on there is great! Home made burgers, sandwiches, a few Turkish casseroles and grills, pasta dishes, huge salads, waffles with various toppings and cakes. As long as the current chef continues to tempt all with his culinary creations and Berat (yes, he’s our friend and this post is partly an unashamed plug for him) continues to serve us all with a smile, Cafe Cafe is going to continue with its present popularity – and we’re all going to be queueing for a seat!

Cafe Cafe is on Çarşı 95 Sokak and is open daily until midnight.  

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  1. I always think a limited menu is best! Long live Cafe Cafe!

  2. @ Claudia: Us too! I get nervous when we walk into a restaurant and we’re handed a menu with loads of pages.

  3. I love coffee shops. I always get more work done, better reading and just feel happier. I liked this so much I had to go make myself a cup of coffee.

  4. @ Rease: I could drink a good cup of coffee now – a latte I think. 🙂

  5. Visited Cafe Cafe for the first time last month – lovely and cosy out the back with the fire on.

  6. @ FethiyeFraser: The fire’s lovely and warm isn’t is. Makes you want to stay longer then you should! 🙂

  7. Nice to hear of business doing well. Too many negative things happen and it is hard for business to make a living. Well done to these lot.

  8. @ Natalie: It is good isn’t it. There are a few places in Fethiye doing okay. It’s becoming a cafe society. 🙂

  9. Oh man, now I am even MORE stoked about finally getting to Fethiye this summer! I’m adding this to the list of places Jeff and I have to get to during our visit!

  10. Love this kind of place! We have an Italian place we go to at least once a week since it’s delicious and you can’t beat quality!

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