Fethiye to Antalya – A Little Jaunt

Follow the D400 highway between Fethiye and Antalya – Turkey’s south coast

Never let it be said that we are not intrepid travellers! Yes, we have booked our hostel and, at the beginning of March, we’re going to stay in Antalya for a few days. That’s how adventurous we are!

There are three reasons for our little jaunt:

1. It’s about time we returned to Antalya again. We’ve not been there for about four years. In Turkey, a lot can change in four years.

2. I want some photos! If you know us, you’ll know I have a photo-taking obsession. I have never claimed to be a decent photographer – I just like taking photos. But, I refused to get a digital camera until three years ago and I am the first to hold my hands up and say I should have succumbed much earlier…but such is life!

We did a fair amount of travelling around Turkey and Europe in pre-digital-camera-days. Photos? Who knows where they are? Albums in friends’ attics, garages, spare rooms. Antalya is photogenic. I want photos!

3. Runtalya. Okay, okay, apart from the photos, this has given us the impetus to get off our backsides and go somewhere again. You may remember we went to Istanbul in October to take part in the Avrasya Maraton. Barry ran 15 km and I did the 8 km. This time, Runtalya is a 10 km run for both of us – in Antalya; obviously.

Barry will probably get through this quite well. Me? I started running (jogging!) again last week. 8 km in October is the furthest I’ve ever run in my life. This 10 km could well be a walk/jog! From the route map, it looks as though we’re going to be ‘running’ all along the seafront so I can’t see it being too stressful if I have to walk for a while…obviously, we’ll be informing you of the sheer pain of it all after the event!

And today’s photo: Courtesy of Google Maps. Well, I have no Antalya photos to display so a bit of thinking was necessary. You no doubt know of our love of the D400 highway that traverses the South coast of Turkey. (You can view our Gulf of Gökova post for views from the D400 in the far Southwest.) The road stretches along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and if you follow this line along the map, you can just imagine the views. The reality doesn’t disappoint!

We’ll go to Fethiye otogar and catch the first bus from Fethiye to Antalya around 7:15am. This bus passes along the D400, through Kalkan, Kaş (with its views of the nearby Greek island of Meis) and Demre, (birth place of none other than Santa Claus!) amongst a ridiculous amount of other interesting areas…that I don’t have photos for…can you sense my frustration?

Anyway, all that aside, Antalya is awaiting…as are we.

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  1. Goodness – From your Twitter comment ‘Fancy a run’ I thought you meant you were running from Fethiye to Antalya! Glad to hear it’s ‘only’ 10km!

  2. Well, we wouldn’t want to overdo it, Liv! 🙂 Not given ourselves nearly enough time to prepare but hey, it’s not a race – fortunately! 🙂

  3. Never been to Turkey before.
    Really looking forward to your pictures.

  4. Great to hear you are going to Antalya. Look forward to your posts. Last time I was there, I stayed in a hotel called the hillside su and there were beds on the balcony!! Each balcony also had a different color light so from far off, it looked like a rubix cube at night time! I like Antalya and should return one day as well.

  5. @ London Caller: Of course, there’ll be far too many. We have a lot of catching up to do.

    @ Natalie: Yes, high time we returned. That sounds like a funky hotel! We’re staying in the old town in the cheapeset hostel we could find that had good reviews. 🙂

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