Karagözler Hotels In Fethiye – Another Change

NB: This hotel is now the Marina Vista

Cast your mind back to 23rd January, 2010. Okay, we’ll make it easier for you. It was when we did a post about the renovation of hotels along the Karagözler in Fethiye. In that post, there is a photo of the shell of what was formerly the cheap and cheerful Mediteran Hotel and also the Yacht Plaza Hotel.

If you’re a regular visitor to Fethiye and are familiar with the Karagözler, you’ll know that many of the hotels have changed names and nearly all of them have been given a complete facelift. (Prenses Hotel on the 1st Karagözler is the latest to be completely gutted). Yacht Plaza became Yacht Classic Hotel and Yacht Hotel became Yacht Boutique Hotel. We’ve seen rooms in both of them – very nice!

Park Marina Hotel in Fethiye

Park Marina Hotel – formerly the Mediteran Hotel

The latest name change in this long running series is for the Mediteran Hotel. You are now looking at the Park Marina Hotel. It’s still not finished but you can get an idea of the look they’re going for. Clean lines, modern, minimalist. The pool is still the same shape but the gardens have been completely revamped and new marble laid. There’s a new marina and restaurant too – we could only see the roof of the restaurant so didn’t think it merited a photo.

Hamam at Park Marina Hotel in Fethiye

What do you reckon? Hamam?

People who knew the Hotel Mediteran will know the rooms and bathrooms were really spacious. We’re hoping some of our visitors to Fethiye will choose to stay at the new Park Marina Hotel at some point then we can have a peak at the newly refurbished rooms. We did walk past the front of the hotel to see if we could get a glimpse of the new balconies round the back but there was too much going on. We did however, see this hole and steel dome…a hamam (Turkish bath) maybe? The suspense continues…

Update Autumn 2011 – the Park Marina Hotel has changed its name once more to Marina Vista Hotel.

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  1. We have changes here for all the bars and restaurants. Pulling down illegal pegolas. Not sure if it makes the place look better or not. Some of the hotels could take the hint though, they are in dire need of make overs.

  2. @ Natalie: We have the complete opposite – construction of (probably) illegal pergolas that will probably have to be deconstructed next year! 🙂

  3. Bird cage? 😉

  4. @ Corinne: Hey, who knows?! We’ll wait and see. 🙂

  5. Both Yacht’s are really stylish now. Mum and dad were thrilled to get the update on the Mediterran as well

  6. @ Christine: They are aren’t they. We asked to see a room in Yacht Boutique just after it was finished. Our friends stayed in Yacht Classic at New Year and their room and terrace were fantastic.
    We’re very curious what the rooms at the Mediteran will be like…

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