Turkish Recipes – The Book On Our Shelf

In our house we have a couple of shelves on the wall, dedicated to cookery books. Hardback books by famous chefs, containing information about seasonal produce, the best places to buy local foods from and tempting recipes from all over the world.

Turkish Recipe Book

Our First Turkish Recipe Book

They all hold their own meaning for us and we’ve owned most of them for years. Some of them were Christmas gifts to each other and we can remember where we were at in our lives from each book. Some of them remind us of graduation from university, one was the first book we bought after we moved into our first house, some we bought directly after the accompanying TV series…and one was bought when we first moved to Fethiye.

Turkish Cookery

Reach up to take Turkish Cookery from our bookshelf and there’s a strong likelihood that loose pages from the book and scraps of paper containing scribbled notes will tumble to the floor. This book is special to us because, apart from the odd recipe passed to us by Turkish friends, this was our introduction to Turkish recipes and the variety of dishes that make up Turkish cuisine.

The first time I ever made Antep Ezmesi, Piyaz and Mücver, amongst others, I used the recipes from this book. Since then, these recipes have been tweaked and played with till they taste like whatever we ate in the restaurant or the meal we ate at a friend’s house. This is why the scraps of paper with scribbled notes will tumble to the floor when you remove the book from the shelf.

What’s In It?

Turkish Cookery has around 300 Turkish recipes for you to try your hand at. If you’ve attempted Turkish recipes in the past, you’ll know that measurements are used such as ‘tea glass of…,’ ‘a glass of…’ ‘a cup of…’ and it can all get a bit confusing. There’s a conversion chart at the beginning of this book to give you an idea of the quantities. Very useful!

Glossy pages and quality photography make most of the dishes look really tempting. There are a few recipes in the book that don’t have an accompanying photo and I have to confess that I have never attempted these. If it’s a meal I’m not familiar with, I like to have a photo to at least give me an idea of what I’m aiming for. Of the recipes we have attempted, we’ve never had a disaster.

Where From?

Turkish Cookery is published by Net Turistik Yayınlar and is aimed at foreign tourists visiting Turkey. I’ve seen it published in English, French and German and I’ll be very surprised if it’s not available in other languages. This is the Turkish tourist board’s attempt at encouraging the foreign visitor to learn more about Turkish cuisine – and they don’t do a bad job at it.

As it’s aimed at tourists, there aren’t many coastal resorts in Turkey where you won’t see this book being displayed in racks alongside postcards and the like, outside shops. We see it pop up every season in Fethiye. As for the price: no R.R.P. printed on the book, so it’s up to the shop owner. I guess that means it’s open to negotiation for those of you out there game enough…

Or, you can order many other Turkish Cookery Books from Amazon.

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  1. Lynne from Uzumlu :) says

    I think that book is very good. You say it was the first book you bought when you moved. Well ours was a housewarming present from our good friend Ali. He has the Spice shop that is in the centre of a row of 3 spice shops overlooking the tables of Megri Restaurant, in the Paspatur.

    It is my favourite Turkish cookbook and a much appreciate reminder of a lovely man.

  2. @ Lynne: Thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated!
    Lovely that a Turkish friend thought to buy the book for you as a house-warming present. Hope you’ve made lots of lovely Turkish meals from it – and they’ll all have extra meaning because a friend bought it for you! 🙂
    Will keep an eye out for Ali in summer…:)

  3. This looks like a great cookbook. I love to cook and love learning about new cuisines, and Middle Eastern food has been something we’ve been playing around with lately. I may have to get this one. Thanks!

  4. How nice you have a Turkish cookbook! The picture on its cover looks so tempting! I’m sure the recipes in it are also amazing. Even I would love to have this book!

  5. @ Adam: There are a few recipes in there with a Middle Eastern influence. Lots of fresh Mediteranean flavours, too.

    @ Zerrin: It’s been really useful to us – as well as blogs such as yours of course! 🙂 Loads of online information these days but there’s something nice about having a book to thumb through.

  6. I very much enjoy Turkish dishes that we eat at friends’ homes or in restaurants so I will have to look into this book since it comes so highly recommended!

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