Antalya: Runtalya 2011 – A Wet Runtalya!

Last October, we took part in the 8km and 15km runs as part of the Eurasia Marathon in Istanbul and while we were at the expo the day before, we picked up a few leaflets for other runs that take place in Turkey throughout the year.

One that particularly took our fancy was Runtalya; a 4km fun run,  a 10km run, a half marathon and a marathon, taking place on 6th March 2011. The leaflet showed happy faces from Runtalya 2010, gleefully jogging along the coastal road in glowing sunshine. People were waving and laughing at the camera. That was the run for us. We decided to register for the 10km…and it took place today.

Our Runtalya Medals

Our Runtalya Medals

We can’t wait to see the official photos from Runtalya 2011. We’re fair weather joggers – if we go jogging at all – and we don’t even dream of leaving the house for a run if there is any wind or rain on the horizon. We came to Antalya from Fethiye on Friday, ready for the run today, and Friday and Saturday were blessed with glorious sunshine so it was all looking good for the 10km run today…until we left the hostel this morning. First of all, it was dark skies and a bit of drizzle, but we walked a few steps further and the specks of rain became huge drops, as if someone was pouring buckets of water from the sky.

Of course, within seconds we were absolutely soaked through. We marched up the street, heads down, with hundreds of other cagoule-clad runners, making our way to the start line, 40 minutes’ walk away. Spirits were lifted at the starting lines with a bit of Van Halen blasting through the speakers. Torrential vertical rain became torrential horizontal rain as the wind whipped up from the sea below and then we were off. That lovely feeling of running through a couple of inches of flood water which couldn’t be avoided as it was right over the stop of the start line.

We all splashed through hundreds of puddles, cagoules zipped right to the top and hoods pulled tight round our faces (Barry refused to wear his!), the wind fighting against us. Eventually, after what felt like hours, the floodlights of Ataturk Stadium came into view. A final push, loads of encouragement from other runners and spectators and then someone shouted (in German) that there were only 250 metres to go. There was supposed to be a green carpet to guide us round to the finish but this was long buried under the weight of running feet and waterlogged, muddy football pitch. Nobody cared. We somehow ran / waded through the lot and were rewarded with our medal at the end.

Anyway, it was too wet to take my camera today so I took this photo of our medals when we got back, just to prove we did it. And if it all sounds awful, spare a thought for when we got back to our hostel and realised the hot water works from solar panels! NO hot water at all. Icy cold shower. It was all good fun though – and we’re already looking forward to the next run, whenever and wherever that may be – with whatever the weather gods choose to tease us with.

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  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! It’s POURING here right now, so it’s like running here. =)

  2. Anonymous says

    Bravo to both of you, I think I would have turned back to the hotel to sleep it off. Good for you, I admire your bravery.

  3. Congratulations on making it! 🙂 I could possibly put up with the rain but not icy shower – eek!

  4. Wow! Kudos to both of you! You are much braver than I am in the bad elements! Also, happy to see you guys are still blogging here too!

  5. @ Belinda: You could say that. We’ll not be forgetting anyway.

    @ Anonymous: Thank you. Both of us actually considered turning back to the hotel but didn’t mention it to the other one – so we ended up doing the run! 🙂

    @ Corinne: The icy shower was awful!! 🙂

    @ Joy: Not brave. Stupid maybe! 🙂
    Yep, still blogging here and will continue to do so while we can…

  6. Wow, I feel breathless only by reading the post. I admit, my resistance is equal to zero, I’ve never done a marathon, I’m awfully out of training..
    Does running all day in Shanghai count as a marathon? 😛

  7. @ Angela: No marathon for us either. Just the 10km – and that was more than enough for me! 🙂 I bet running all day in Shanghai does count though.

  8. I give you a lot of credit for doing that! There’s no way I’d be running those distances…especially in the pouring rain! 🙂

  9. @ Michael: It wasn’t pretty but we’d registered for it months before so we really wanted to do it. The rain was just funny once we were really wet.

  10. Congratulations on finishing! I grieved in reading through your emails that I wasn’t participating in it. I started running down here in Adana about 3 months ago, but can’t get our distance much beyond 5K. My runnin’ buddy and I are getting in shape though and it’s super fun.

    Did you guys come across any websites that list all of the runs like that across Turkey? When is your next race? I’d love to get in on something like that soon.

    Jake in Adana

  11. @ Jake: Thanks. We haven’t been running properly for long either. There’s a Nike running programme that we follow that gets you to 5k and then 10k. It’s a PDF. i’m going right back to the beginning of the 5k again to try and improve my speed. We’re going to run in Istanbul again in October but there’s also an Olympiad in Antalya in October too that looks interesting. That’s got walks, runs, swims etc. They’re expecting 20,000 participants for that. Never come across one single website sorry. Oh, there’s a run in Tokat, too but not sure when that is. Hope that’s of some help.

  12. Wow – I can’t even run that far in perfect conditions! Well done =)

  13. @ Andrea: It was far from pretty on my part! 🙂 Made it though. That was the main aim.

  14. Don’t send me an invite to the next one either…
    Pretty cool that you did it though.

  15. @ Jim: Aww, we thought you’d be really keen to come along and join us for a gentle run! 🙂 Yes, very pleased we completed it in the wet and windy conditions.

  16. Good for you! I hate running. At least that race has a great name 🙂

  17. @ Travelogged: I’m not a huge fan of running myself but the actual runs are good fun. Funny name isn’t it? 🙂

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