Fethiye Springtime Blooms: Photo Story

We weren’t going to do a post today but I’ve collected a few photos over the last week so I thought it would be nice to share some Fethiye springtime blooms and add a splash of colour to a dull Fethiye day.
Çalış Beach Wild Blooms

Çalış Beach Wild Blooms

This is the blossom of the wild and these two photographs were taken while we were climbing up the hill at the end of the beach in Çalış last week.

Tulips In Fethiye

Fethiye Town Centre Tulips

In Fethiye centre, last year’s colours were provided by the vibrant oranges of thousands of marigolds, planted by Fethiye council. This year, roundabouts, roadsides and parks are brightening up the urban landscape as tulips of all colours begin to stretch up towards the sunlight.

Colourful Fethiye

Pansies planted along the wall of Fethiye centre bus stop

It’s not all tulips in the centre of Fethiye. The gardeners have gone all out for variety this year and our senses are also feasting on golden daffodils, the scent of hyacinths and the humble, but still beautiful, pansy.

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  1. I am Suzanne from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I am so jalous of your landscape at this time of the year. Here we still have snow on the ground, yesterday was all slushy with rain mix with heavy snow falling and today woke up with a -7cm and a blue sky finally. Love all those spring colours you are giving us today, am just smiling with joy reading your latest spring blogs. Good job guys!

  2. Thanks for your comment Suzanne. So, when does springtime come to Montreal then? It sounds pretty cold there. Beautiful spring colours we have here in Fethiye at the moment aren’t they? 🙂

  3. I love the spring flowers in Kaya and am looking forward to seeing how my garden there is looking – although my window boxes are full of primulas in London and are looking pretty colourful at the moment – it’s been a beautiful spring day here today for a change !

  4. @ Karen: All the poppies are out in Fethiye too at the moment so it won’t be long before they’re out in Kaya too. Love poppies. Sounds like most of Britain had a lovely spring day yesterday. 🙂

  5. Spring has sprung in London as well. Daffs, Hyacyniths, Camelia all in flower, this week truly beautiful spring weather. Made me cut the grass for the first time this year!!

  6. Makes the world suddenly seem like a more beautiful place doesn’t it, because it puts you in good mood. Our grass needs cutting too…and the privets…and palms. Hmmm. 🙂

  7. Tulips are on sale here this week, but I hear it’s going to snow up in New England this weekend!

  8. @ Belinda: I’m a tulip convert. They look so lovely lining the roads in Fethiye.

  9. Beautiful photos of the tulips! Nothing says spring is here than seeing them bloom.

  10. @ Corinne: Thanks. They’ve been beautiful but they’re already going unfortunately. We’ve got some irises coming through now though. 🙂

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