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For us, a gateway to understanding a culture different from our own is through food and music. If you’re a regular reader of Turkey’s For Life, you’ll know that we devote quite a lot of our posts to showcasing Turkish recipes and Turkish food – we love cooking, we love sampling, we love food!

As well as all this tasty Turkish food, Turkish music is also a huge part of our life in Fethiye – but until now, we’ve never felt able to write many posts on it. Music is for listening to. How can we showcase Turkish music without having some to play…and how do we do that without infringing copyright? And then I saw this widget on another blog; a widget that we’d had access to all along via our Amazon store and didn’t know anything about.

So, as it’s the weekend, we thought we’d have a bit of fun. Press ‘play’ on the widget below and you’ll get a small sample of some of the current Turkish music we listen to. We’ve picked 5 random tracks. Nothing too taxing; it’s the weekend!

Mor Ve Ötesi: This band were our introduction to Turkish rock music. We first heard them being played in Deep Blue Bar and we’ve loved them ever since. They’ve represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Manga: The track on here is a slowy but they’ve done some great rock tracks. They’re one of our favourites! They’ve represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Athena: Good fun ska band and if you know Fethiye, you may be interested to know they started their gigging career in Car Cemetery Bar in Paspatur. And guess what…They’ve represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Bedük: We know not everyone likes rock music so we decided to include a bit of Bedük. He sings in English, makes hilarious videos (think Andre Agassi in a white suit and sunglasses. That’s Bedük) and does fun, electric disco tracks. We listen to Bedük when we feel the need for some light entertainment. As far as we know, Bedük hasn’t represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Tarkan: Well, everyone knows Tarkan. How can we do our first Turkish music list and not include Tarkan? We don’t own any of his music but he does do an annoyingly catchy pop song. And as for Tarkan, well, he was asked to represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest but declined the offer.

We’re thinking about doing something like this on a weekly basis so if you have any recommendations, let us know and we’ll try to find them. We’re limited to what’s available for purchase in Amazon, hence no Duman, but if we find your suggestion, we’ll add it to the weekly list. It would be great if we could play the complete tracks but, well, this is better than nothing – and it’s a lovely change for the weekend!

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  1. Track No 1 is my favourite!
    It’s so full of energy.
    Turkish music is indeed really good.

  2. You have to do one on Ibrahim Tatlises. Don’t think he will sing again after the shooting but I think he is the king of pop / folk music in Turkey.

  3. @ London Caller: Yes, we’re big fans of Mor ve Otesi, too. Glad you liked it.

    @ Natalie: He’s certainly popular – just not sure he’s our scene. 🙂

  4. I would recommend MERCAN DEDE.Sufi influenced modern Turkish music.I have the CD’s “800” and “SU”

  5. @ Ray: Thanks for your comment – and your fine suggestion! 🙂 We were talking about Mercan Dede on our Facebook page yesterday and someone put a link to their favourite track. We’ll definitely include some next week.

  6. Cool, I’m also a huge fan of listening to local and popular music from countries around the world. Music compliments food so well too!

  7. @ Migrationology: We love music from any part of the world and it’s been really frustrating not being able to put any on the blog. This method is fine for now. We can have a bit of fun with it for a while. 🙂

  8. Hi. Lately I`ve discovered music by Efsun — lovely voice.

  9. @ Kari: We knew something good would come of this post! :)We’ve never heard of Efsun before so we’ll look her up. Always on the lookout for new music.

  10. Manga was the first Turkish band I started liking! Now I also like Mor Ve Ötesi. Haha, and I also had a mini-obsession with Tarkan. Not so much because I liked his music though it is pretty darn catchy, but mostly because he’s just such a HUGE Turkish pop star. =)

  11. @ Connie: And a perfect introduction Manga are too. Tarkan is almost this untouchable guy isn’t he. Amazing how popular he is. 🙂

  12. I love learning about cool local music/bands. My hips are shaking right now!

  13. @ Grace: There’s no shortgage of great music in Turkey – a music lover’s heaven! 🙂 We’re already thinking about what to include for next week.

  14. I know 2 Tarkan songs, the Kiss and another that I can’t remember! I think in a way he changed perceptions of Turkey to certain parts of the world with his pop songs and video clips – not a bad thing!

  15. @ Corinne: I think if you mention Turkish music to anyone, most people will mention Tarkan – especially THAT song. Great, if he did change perceptions of Turkey. 🙂

  16. This is such a fun post. I had to check out all the tracks you posted here since I like hearing new kinds of music. I especially liked Mor Ve Ötesi and Bedük. I think doing this on a regular basis would be a good idea.

  17. @ Steve: Thanks. You’ve given us more encouragement than we perhaps needed. 🙂 We loved it and we’re already planning the next one – maybe we’ll show the ladies this week… Glad you liked Mor ve Ötesi. A favourite of ours.

  18. What a cool list — I’m going to check all of these guys out. I love finding new music!

  19. When I first started to study bellydance, my first routine was the Kiss song by Tarkan. I never would have guessed that I’d be planning a trip to Turkey 7 years later!

  20. Great music. Thanks for sharing.

  21. @ Cathy: This is all really easy music to like. Catchy tunes! 🙂

    @ Nina: I think everyone knows that song! 🙂 When are you coming to Turkey, then?

    @ Nancie: We love all that music. Tarkan was there for fun.

  22. Heading over from Canada in August for 3 1/2 weeks. I know it’ll be wall-to-wall people and blazing hot, but it’s the only time I can get a big chunk of time off work. Regardless, I’m so excited!!

  23. @ Nina: Depends where you’re going. It really doesn’t get ridiculously crowded in the resorts around here. Glad you’re excited! 🙂

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