Antalya Coast Shipwreck: Photo Story

Shipwreck In Antalya
Shipwreck viewed from a distance on the coast of the centre of Antalya
Last December, we posted about the heavy storms that hit the Turkish coast and displayed photographs of Çalış Beach and the damage the storms had caused. We had never seen Çalış so badly affected by storms and whenever the Fethiye area takes a bit of a hit, there are usually reports on the news about damage in Antalya (the Mediterranean coastline around Fethiye is much more sheltered.)
The December storm was no exception and we were told of a cargo ship, the Seabright, that had been dragged onto rocks while anchored because of the rough seas. 1 crew member jumped overboard and sadly lost his life.
When we visited Antalya in March, we were stopped in our tracks as we walked along the harbour. For whatever reason, we had assumed the ship had hit the rocks away from the centre and had likely been taken away by now. It was a shock to see it lying on its side, wedged onto the rock face, right in the centre of town.
Many of the tea gardens in the centre of Antalya are perched on the edge of the long cliff face that lines the shore. A couple of tea gardens sit directly above the wreck and customers were playing tavla (backgammon), eating, chatting and drinking as if the huge hulk wasn’t there, a few feet below them. I guess they’re used to it being there by now – but for us, suddenly seeing the reality of what was previously just a news story was very sad.


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  1. I was just down at the harbor this past weekend and it looks like they’ve started to take the ship apart and slowly moving it a piece at a time. It is quite sad to think of how strong the storm must have been to move such a large ship up to the cliffs like that and how scared the crew must have been.

  2. Wow. That’s incredible. It’s amazing how in one split second…there have been some crazy tornadoes here and it’s just mind-blowing (no pun intended) what they can do.

  3. Wow I guess it really is amazing how you can get so used to things happening that they dont bother you anymore. I would have reacted just like you did but I guess when you live there its the norm.

  4. @ Jim: Thanks so much for the update. Good to know it’s being dismantled. Very sad and also amazing how powerful the weather can be.

    @ Belinda: The tornadoes where you are must be horrendous. we get storms here but not that bad. This one was a particularly bad one.

    @ Bluegreen Kirk: I’m guessing it must have bothered people at first. It’s just that it had been there since December. I think it had become part of the scenery.

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