Fethiye Harbour Gülets – Photo Story

Turkish Gülets in Fethiye

Traditional Turkish gülets in Fethiye harbour

In winter, if they’re not in the boatyard being spruced up and repaired, scores of traditional, Turkish wooden boats (known as a gület) line up against the promenade of Fethiye harbour, waiting for the beginning of the summer season.

Shorts and flip flops adorning goose-bumped bodies are in evidence in Fethiye now, indicating the dawn of summer 2011, but the goosebumps are a clue that it’s not yet quite warm enough (at least for us, anyway) to dig out the swimming gear and bask in the sunshine on the wooden decks of a gület.

In a couple of weeks’ time however, it will be a different story. Backpackers will begin to descend upon Fethiye (and maybe fit in paragliding in Ölüdeniz) while waiting for the next available gület cruise from Fethiye to Olympos in the Antalya region of Turkey. Package holidaymakers will arrive at their Fethiye hotels for a week after completing the first half of their ‘2-centre’ fortnight holiday on a gület from Marmaris or Bodrum. Families and groups will stroll along the harbour, gazing up at the ‘For Rent’, ‘For Hire’, ‘Private 3-Day Tour’ signs. Some will stop and make enquiries and then charter a gület for themselves to enjoy a few lazy days around the Blue Bays or 12 islands.

In the next couple of weeks, the gület-filled Fethiye harbour will be almost empty, visiting gülets will come and go, Fethiye’s gülets will drop off present customers and hope to pick up new ones…and summer 2011 will be underway.

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  1. Sigh, yet another reason I have to come to Fethiye.

  2. Wow. How does one get invited to relax on one of these?

  3. @ Laurel: We’ve never done a gulet cruise but would love to do one.

    @ Belinda: We’ve not worked that one out yet. might have to give it a go this year, though! We’ll let you know if we work it out. 🙂

  4. We did a mini gulet cruise last year with 2 nights on the boat – the trouble was the boat was a small one and so it felt quite rough – a big gulet would be much better. But lying in the deck at night looking at shooting stars was beautiful.

  5. @ Karen: We’ve never done one but would love to. That’s the bit that bothers me – the rough sea! 🙂 Everyone says the night times are beautiful so we really want to see that.

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