Fethiye: The Summer Season is Coming

As I’m writing this, the weather in Fethiye has just become really hazy, cloudy and a bit on the breezy side. However, we are definitely turning a corner and summer is definitely on its way. How do we know? Let’s take a look at the evidence:

Sundial Hotel Swimming Pool

Inviting? It might be in July.

Those who know the Sundial Hotel in Fethiye will recognise this photo straight away. The swimming pool is full! We went up there yesterday just to enjoy the gentle heat from the sunshine while enjoying a drink – we didn’t swim, although we were assured the water wasn’t that cold. We know better than to believe that old chestnut!

Major roadworks. These seem to be annual April event. Whole streets just become a huge ditch and make you gasp, ‘Why have they waited till now to do this?’ Then, as quick as the hole appears, it disappears again. Some of the Fethiye backstreets are currently an interesting obstacle course.

Major and not-so-major restaurant works. It’s all go along Çalış Beach. The Orient Express restaurant has been knocked down and is in the process of being rebuilt. That’s an interesting one! As for the rest – painting, sawing, drilling, the usual. A lot more wood on show for the 2011 season as a few of the restaurants have gone for the decked floor look as opposed to the tiles. Wonder what next summer’s trend will be…

Paspatur is showing signs of life. We went to Deep Blue last night and the bars have their tables and chairs outside and their doors open. Granted, the fire was still roaring inside and we were grateful for it later on – but we did walk home without coats. The nights are definitely milder.

Springtime Events. This weekend is the 3rd Yeşil Üzümlü Mushroom Festival. It started yesterday and finishes tomorrow. We’ll be heading up there tomorrow for breakfast and hopefully some mushrooms! For us, the mushroom festival is a definite marker for the end of winter and the beginning of the new season.

And it’s not Turkish but the other event which marks a turning point in the seasons for us is the Grand National horse race in the UK. We’ll be watching that this afternoon as well as enjoying a barbecue at Güven’s in Çalış. Yes, outdoor eating, too – if the Fethiye weather doesn’t turn to rain that is…

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  1. fatoshilla says

    Çalış Taxi Boats are appearing back on the river one by one every day.

    Huge women who walk every morning but get bigger every year are back on the streets for their daily exercise. Aren’t they appear suddenly like mushrooms?

  2. That really bugs me about the road works. Why do they leave it till the last minute? Been out and about driving today and it was lovely to see all the closed places cleaning out their restaurants and bars ready to open.

  3. Mmmm – mushroom festival; every year? sounds delightful =)

  4. Isn’t that wonderful when you start seeing signs of summer? It’s especially welcome if, like me, you have lived in harsh winter climates at some point. Enjoy!

  5. Its just starting to get warm here too. And we’re under the threat of rain still too!
    Turquoise is a really beautiful book. Even if you don’t use the recipes, the photography is lovely, and the authors write about all the Turkish places they visited and ate in.

  6. @ Fatoş: Would love to catch the boats going back into the water. Always seem to miss it.
    @ Natalie: Nice to see everywhere opening again isn’t it? 🙂
    @ Andrea: The mushroom festival is good fun.
    @ Cathy: We’ve had a pretty mild winter this year but it’s always nice to feel the heat from the sun again.
    @ Indie.Tea: Will look out for Turquoise. Need to buy it I think. Thanks.

  7. I hope you can write more about the mushroom festival. It sounds interesting!

    Fatoshilla: Your comparison is fun!

  8. @ Kuei-Ti Lu: We shall be writing much more about the mushroom festival! 🙂 Fatoş’s comparisons are always fun.

  9. @Kuei-Ti Lu and Julia: thanks.

    Flip-flops replaced UGGs.

    And I’ve started to focus on open dolmuş doors expecting a customer falling from them one day.

    And and and.. Tourist wiht pale legs and lobster-red faces!

  10. @ Fatoş: Yeah, we’ve noticed a lot of toes on show this week! You get all the best views from where you are! 🙂

  11. Ah! The signs of spring. Every town and city has them.

  12. sounds (and looks) divine! maybe i can make it there by next spring! enjoy every minute 🙂

  13. @ Nancie: And what a lovely sight it is when you start to see them! 🙂

    @ Lorna: We’re already making the most of it!

  14. @ [email protected] He’s certainly an institution in summertime Fethiye. 🙂

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