Turkish Food: Turkish Breakfast Near Üzümlü

A few months ago, we wrote about the growing trend in Fethiye to go out together with friends – especially Sundays – and enjoy a Turkish village breakfast; köy kahvaltası. We had been going to Kayaköy and spending the morning and afternoon at Yalçın idling away the hours, slowly working our way through the Turkish breakfast banquet that was delivered to our table.

As more Fethiye restaurants proudly display their banners informing the potential diners of how many items they provide as part of their Turkish breakfast, our plan was to start sampling all these feasts.

Nothing about our life ever works to plan (we like it that way) and since that post, we hadn’t been out once for Turkish breakfast…until we went to the Üzümlü Mushroom Festival last weekend. A day out always involves stopping off for breakfast somewhere, and in this case, we all piled out of the cars and piled into the garden area of Avcı Restaurant along the Fethiye to Üzümlü road.

Turkish Breakfast in Üzümlü

Another Turkish breakfast feast

There’s always something different about a Turkish breakfast between each restaurant you go to. Avcı Kulübesi gave us a ready-prepared breakfast plate consisting of white cheese, kaşar cheese, tomato, cucumber, honey and jam. All to be expected. Our extra goodies came in the shape of a sesame-seed coated wedge of potato and broccoli.

Green olives and fried eggs, topped with chilli flakes (if anything is going to win us over, that one is!) arrived, followed by tülüm cheese with walnuts and home made butter. And then potato and spinach gözleme arrived. That was a very welcome extra treat. But there is always one Turkish breakfast ingredient that makes a particular restaurant stick in our minds…

Turkish Honeycomb

New discovery – Honeycomb

I’d never eaten honeycomb before – I don’t really like the look of it – but as it was right in front of me, I thought I’d give it a try. I took a chunk of my still-warm home made bazlama (a type of bread), stuck my knife into the honeycomb and placed a little bit onto the end of the bread. That was the nicest honey I have ever tasted and from now on, I’m a honeycomb convert. No more runny honey for me.

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  1. How lucky to have the whole comb! Those eggs are happy eggs, eh?

  2. Have you been to the Yoruk Musuem for Turkish breakfast – that is very good as well. I also like Poseidon in Kayakoy for breakfast

  3. That looks so mouth-watering, Turkish food is delicious. I remember, in Istanbul for breakfast (and pretty much throughout all day!) I couldn’t stop eating their veggies, cucumbers, tomatoes, everything was so tasty!

  4. That looks completely yum! I’ve had honeycomb before and it’s delightful

  5. @ Belinda: It was gorgeous on the warm bread. Eggs and chilli flakes are always a winner for us. 🙂

    @ Karen: We used to go to Poseidon a lot for breakfast. We love it there. We’ve not been to the Yörük museum yet but intend to because everyone recommends it. It’ll be on here when we do get round to going.

    @ Angela: We’re lucky to have all this fresh food. We loads more veggies since coming to Turkey.

    @ Andrea: It was completely yum. Will definitely be having honeycomb again next time it’s on the table.

  6. Mmmm… One of my favorite parts of being Turkey was the amazing breakfasts I had every morning on the rooftops of Istanbul.

  7. Cailin O'Neil says:

    Isn’t it amazing how different but delcious breakfast food is in other countries? I was just in Iceland where they put cheese and marmalade together on bread and also eat this extremely healthy type yogurt breakfast food called skyr yummm 🙂

  8. @ Abby: Breakfast on the rooftops of Istanbul is just perfect isn’t it?! A while since we’ve done that.

    @ Cailin: Cheese and marmalade sounds interesting. Sounds like the breakfast in Iceland has some similar ingredients to the Turkish breakfast.

  9. Love Turkish (and Arabic) breakfasts: the bread, the fruit, the cucumbers, the honey, the yoghurt… yum!

  10. @ Sophie: We just love breakfast in any country! 🙂 Is an Arabic breakfast similar to the Turkish breakfast then?

  11. Yum! sums it up 🙂

  12. @ Nancie: Just about! 🙂

  13. Mmm, looks so good. Especially the egg dish and the honeycomb! 🙂

  14. @ Nicole: It wouldn’t have been very good at all if the egg dish and the honeycomb weren’t there. 🙂

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