Winter Sunset: Çalış Beach

Winter Sunset, Çalış Beach, Fethiye

Winter sunset, Çalış Beach, Fethiye

This is Çalış Beach, near Fethiye in Southwest Turkey and there is one fabulous reason to visit: it has a huge claim to fame. Çalış Beach plays host some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see anywhere in the world. Çalış gets a bit of bad press from some of the more well known guidebooks to Turkey…but there’s no harm in sitting on the beach waiting for this to happen, is there?

The best Çalış sunsets are in winter when the air is clear and the sky is dappled with high cloud. I took this photo last November while we were sitting at Bahane one afternoon. The sun began to set and the Greek island of Rhodes suddenly came clearly into view on the horizon. In the hot, hazy summer months, it’s not usually possible to see Rhodes so, when we do see it, I take my camera out and take too many photos. Some of them, like this one, I’m happy with.

I’ve included this photo in today’s post for two reasons. The first one is, I was going through my photo archives yesterday, looking for something completely different. I spotted this one and thought it would be nice to share it in a post. We’d happily bet that anyone who has been to Çalış has a sunset photo…but well, everyone loves a good sunset. We’re all gearing up for summer now so this is a farewell to winter.

The second reason is, we’ve finally remembered that today is Thursday. Nancie is the author of a blog we read a lot and, in the past, she’s asked us to join in her weekly project, Travel Photo Thursday, where other bloggers share their favourite photos from around the world. We have files and files of photos to share, so why not? Well, in our little disorganised, jumbled up world that we live in, we always let Thursday come and go without even realising it’s come and gone, until it’s too late. Not today! Today we can make another little push into getting the Fethiye region of Turkey on everyone’s To Do Lists.

(Nancie writes the blog, Budget Travelers Sandbox and her photo is of Inle Lake, Myanmar)

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  1. So beautiful 🙂

  2. @ Muza-chan: Not a bad sunset to be able to watch, is it? 🙂

  3. You are right- everyone loves sunset photos! This is a beauty, too!

  4. Fantastic picture. I would give anything to see that, with a nice cold beer in my hands as well!

  5. @ Jade: Thanks. Sunsets and sunrises – always beautiful. 🙂

    @ Natalie: Thank you. Well, you might have noticed from where we were sitting that there was beer involved. 🙂

  6. Oh wow gorgeous sunset! It’s amazing how sunsets can have the most different colors.

  7. Beautiful shot. I love sunsets.

  8. I can’t live without travel – or sunsets!

  9. Glad to see you at Travel Photo Thursday !
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this magnificient sunset with a few million folks. Well, that’s what I did, anyway !


  10. Photos like this make God blush. Amazing!

  11. @ RyukyuMike: Always grateful for a few shares! 🙂 It’ll probably be an age before we remember about taking part in Travel Photo Thursday again.

    @ Renee: Wooo, thanks. I guess the actual sunset helps with the photo, too. 🙂

  12. I love it when the sun looks like it’s about to set the sky ablaze. Nice photo!

  13. WOW! This is one of the best sunset photos I’ve ever seen Julia!

  14. Gorgeous sunset! I thought you might want to share some Turkish Easter treats so I’ve added you to my tag list in this game plan. Hope you can join in the fun. I know it’s short notice but I’ve also just been tagged today. Do drop by and check it out if you can.

  15. Spectacular photo! The orange in the sky is beautiful. Looks like a perfect sunset!

  16. Wonderful shot! The more I see of Turkey, the more it becomes a must see destination for me.

  17. Christy @ Technosyncratic says

    Whoa, this is a gorgeous shot! We’re a sucker for sunsets, and I’m particularly fond of the times that the sky turns brilliant shades of orange. 🙂

  18. Wow that is a great sunset! Never get tired of seeing sunsets.

  19. The wide horizon colored in gold evokes a lot of emotions. I love this!

  20. Love sunset photos…this is one of the most gorgeos I’ve ever seen

  21. Gorgeous sunset! It’s so cool to find pictures like these when you look back in your archives. 🙂

  22. @ Scott: Thanks. We only get the sunset like this in winter. Lucky enough to see it at all. 🙂

    @ Ping: Thanks. 🙂

    @ Jeremy B: We get a lot of sunsets like this. The photo is only because of the sunset. Thanks. 🙂

    @ Randy: Well, we’re aiming for that. You must come soon! 🙂

    @ Christy: Lost count of the number of sunset photos we’ve got. They’re irresistible aren’t they?! 🙂

    @ Debbie: Me too. They’re special aren’t they?

    @ Grace: Thank you. 🙂

    @ Andrea: Bet you’ve seen some gorgeous sunsets while you’ve been travelling around.

    @ Norbert: It was a photo that jumped out. It had to go on the blog! 🙂

  23. Now THAT is a beautiful sunset!

  24. My reaction is “Wow”!! Gorgeous, Julia. Welcome to TPThursday!

  25. Beautiful! Love sunset photos and this one is stunning.

  26. Great shot & thank heavens winter is on the way out!!

  27. WOW! That is stunning.

    Nice to have at Travel Photo Thursday…Welcome!

  28. Spectacular!!

  29. If in doubt, pull a sunset photo out! Nope, we never get sick of looking at them!

    Mine is remembering Japan.

  30. Unbelievable shot! Those crisp bright colors are majestic.

  31. @ Michael: It is isn’t it?!

    @ Cathy: I’ll I’ve to try and remember about it in future though. It’s taken me weeks to remember this one! 🙂

    @ Pete: Thank you. I have too many sunset photos.

    @ Leigh: Fully agreed. We’re waiting for summer now – it’s coming slowly this year.

    @ Nancie: It was only a matter of time before we remembered. 🙂

    @ Roy: We have a great sunset in Çalış.

    @ Jim: Of course! 🙂 I commented on your post – in fact, I’ve commented on your last two. Maybe there’s a problem somewhere?

    @ Migrationology: Great colours aren’t they?! 🙂

  32. The colours in this are amazing — great shot!

  33. Nice fiery sky…

  34. okay now you’ve done it! i’m coming to see you next year 😉 absolutely beautiful!

  35. I love this photo! It looks so magical, the colors are so crisp.

  36. @ Raymond: Thanks. 🙂

    @ Don: I think whatever my camera does helps with that! 🙂

    @ Lorna: Welcome any time you like. 🙂

    @ Sophie: It was a particularly good sunset that day. We can’t normally see Rhodes so clearly.

  37. What a gorgeous sunset!

  38. @ Dina: The sunset in Çalış is becoming very famous. It’s a must-see.

  39. I have been to calis 6 times now and every time the sunsets are awesome no two are the same .

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