Fethiye to Rhodes Day Out – Go With The Tourist Flow

An idyllic, sleepy, stereotypical Greek island is exactly what Rhodes is not. Well, at least not the mediaeval Old Town.

We’re accustomed to exploring the back streets and harbour of the Greek island of Meis and wandering around Paspatur in Fethiye in relative solitude. So, when we sailed from Fethiye to Rhodes a few days ago, it really was a shock to the system.

Visit Rhodes Town, Greece

There’s a small beach between the port and the entrance to the old town

Common sense tells you that anywhere where there is a cruise ship, there are going to be masses of people who have disembarked and swollen the previous population by a sizeable number.

This is Rhodes. Hardcore tourism that took us an hour or so to acclimatise to. We live in Fethiye which is a big tourist area – but it’s not that big of a tourist area. We were as interested in the people around us as we were in Rhodes Town itself.

Most passenger boats dock in Mandraki harbour and there’s no confusion about which direction to go in once you get off your boat.

You’re greeted by the old fortress walls; minarets and church spires peeping over the top of the old battlements. These days, your biggest battle is negotiating your way along the narrow pavement and across the main road to actually get inside the walls.

If everyone walked in single file – and kept walking – then everything would be fine.

But when in Rhodes, you’re not a person. You’re a tourist. And what do tourists do? They walk aimlessly, they walk in groups, they carry big bags – they stop dead, right in front of you, and fiddle around with their camera to take a photo!

Yes, this was the bit that made us want to tap people on the shoulder and say, ‘Excuse me, but when you’ve quite finished faffing about, trying to get your memorable photo, there’s a football-crowd-size amount of people trying to get past you!’

Rhodes Town Busy Streets

Be prepared for crowded streets in Rhodes old town

But then you realise the football crowd behind you is also blocking the path doing exactly the same thing; blocking everyone’s way to take photos.

And you know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! There’s only one way to fit in in Rhodes Old Town. Go with the flow, get your tourist gladrags on, get your camera out and unashamedly take as many photos as you can.

Don’t worry about getting in the way because no one else is worrying about it.

It was bizarre. Many of my photos from the day are full of people taking photographs of other people stood in various poses in front of historic buildings. This wasn’t intentional on my part. There was no choice.

Some people might watch this video and think, ‘Well, it’s not so crowded.’ For us though, after Meis and Fethiye, it was a culture shock.

Packed streets, packed bars and restaurants, people buying from souvenir shops – and streams of people following the man with the big umbrella or the plastic lollipop; their tour guide for the day.

What wouldn’t Fethiye give for just a handful of these tourists?

We had a great day on the Greek island of Rhodes – eating gyros, drinking frothy frappe, sampling beers at Cafe Bar Consolato – and the people watching / dodging is also happy memory of the day…once we realised we just needed to go with the flow instead of allowing our blood to reach boiling point.

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  1. Matt Yates says

    Great read as always, dunno if you’re aware of the Queens of the Stone Age track, Go With The Flow, but your title reminded me of it, and they’re great so give them a listen. Can’t promise you’ll like it though 😀

  2. Saw the ships picture in my Google reader preview and I thought I would check it out.

  3. @ Matt: Aww, thanks. We’ll pay you when we see you! 🙂 Errm yes, big Queens of the Stone Age fans and we know that track well.

    @ Sailor: And hope you liked it when you saw it. 🙂

  4. Even the tourist trail is an experience, isn’t it…

    But Rhodes is absolutely better in the off-season.

  5. @ Sophie: It certainly is. We’ve been to Rhodes in the off-season in the past. Maybe that’s why we were so shocked at how busy it was when we were there.

  6. You’ve just shattered my illusions!

    Rhodes has been on my list to visit since 2008, and each time I plan my trip to Bodrum, I tag on “overnight stay in Rhodes” onto the wish list – but we never seem to get around to it.

    That first photo says it all… that’s one mighty big boat!

    We’ll probably visit Rhodes one day, but for now, it’s relegated to the subs bench!

  7. @ Roving Jay: Sorry about that but that’s the way it is. 😉 Really pretty though so we still recommend it. As Sophie says above, Rhodes is better out of season.

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