Fethiye Cheap Eats: Öz Gaziantep

Living life in Fethiye on a budget means we’re always on the lookout for places where we can grab a quick snack – or even a meal – for as little money as possible. We all know Turkey is not the super-cheap country it used to be but it’s still possible to eat out and keep enough money to one side for a couple of extra Efes Pilsen – or other little treats.

Over the next few weeks, whenever we eat out anywhere and the food costs less than 10 lira (around £4) per head, we’ll do a post on it. In the past, we’ve already mentioned the balık ekmeği (fish half-bread); currently coming in at 5 lira each with a glass of çay thrown in for free. Gözleme is also a good, cheap and filling snack. Expect to pay about 5 lira for a mixed meat and potato gözleme. Other fillings, including sweet fillings, will be cheaper.

Öz Gaziantep in Fethiye

Menu boards outside Öz Gaziantep

But, let’s get on to today’s cheap eat. Tucked away behind the PTT (Post Office) in the centre of Fethiye is a tiny ocakbaşı called Öz Gaziantep. (Ocakbaşı is a place where all the meat is cooked on an open barbecue grill.) We’ve been there for lunch a couple of times recently because the food is good and it’s cheap. This is also the place where we get the big glass of ayran for 1 lira. (Click the link to see the photo.)

Öz Gaziantep is the perfect place to begin this Cheap Eats series because, bar one or two dishes, every meal on the menu is below 10 lira. Every kebap they do is 4.5 lira and it’s a little bit different to the other kebap places in Fethiye because they don’t serve döner meat. Choices include Adana (spicy minced meat), liver, heart and chicken şiş amongst others and they’re all served as dürüm (dürüm is a wrap).

You also get a little spicy extra with your chosen kebap that goes by the name of çiğ köfte. Çiğ köfte is another post for another day but very quickly, it’s fine bulgur wheat kneaded with spices and red pepper paste and shaped into fingers. This is served on a lettuce leaf and you squeeze fresh lemon juice over the top.

All the meat dishes at Öz Gaziantep can be ordered as a larger plate meal and as we mentioned earlier, most of these still come in under 10 lira. At 4.5 lira, the dürüms are not huge but they’re enough for lunch and make a tasty change when you can’t possibly face another döner kebab. If you’re very hungry, you could always order soup as a starter. At 3 lira a bowl that means you get 2 courses for 7.5 lira. Add 1 lira for your ayran (they do serve other soft drinks) and your whole lunch still comes in under 10 lira. Bargain!

**Update 2013: This Fethiye eatery is no longer open – but nearby Iksirci Tezcan is a great alternative if you fancy a cheap tost for lunch…

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  1. I know the lira has had a few zeros removed since I lived in Turkey, but less than 10 lira for a menu sounds cheap to me. And mouthwatering tasty, if you love the Turkish kebab style.

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m reading this at 8.17am UK time, but damn it, it’s making me hungry! Thank you! Best, Rosie Bryant-Moore (Haven’t got the hang of the posting thing yet)

  3. Anonymous says

    We ate there, the owner is fab he even gave us his son’s pushchair for our baby to sleep in while we ate !

  4. Cheap AND yummy!!

  5. @ Mette: Yes, nice and cheap there – we like to get full for as little money as possible. 🙂

    @ Rosie: Thanks for commenting on the blog. Much appreciated. 🙂

    @ Anonymous: Aww, how lovely! Great when things like that happen because it makes you remember the place more.

  6. I enjoy gozleme and we often find them in food market events. As for ayran, I can’t stomach it, no matter how much salt I add to it!

  7. @ Belinda: Definitely! 🙂

    @ Corinne: Lucky you, being able to get gözleme where you are. It’s taken us about 7 years to get with ayran. Persevered because we know it’s good for you. 🙂

  8. great info, always love a pide too and they are usually great value.

  9. @ Paul: We’ve covered a few pide places in the past because we love them! Will keep an eye out for more places though.

  10. AberdeenPeanut says

    Thanks guys, just back from unexpected flying visit to Fethiye
    Was selling my apartment and had a hectic day of legal proceedings
    With only a spare half hour I popped round here for ayran and adana durum
    Cheap, cheerful and delicious
    Must have walked past a hundred times in the past but will certainly go again
    Keep the recommendations coming please!

  11. @ Aberdeen Peanut: Glad you liked it. Always nervous about recommending places just in case there’s only us who likes them! 🙂

  12. Anonymous says

    My husband and I are here in fethiye as I type this and we’ll definitely hunt this place down tonight! Thanks!!

  13. @ Anonymous: Wow, that means it’s instant testing then. Hope you found it okay – and hope you enjoyed it, too. We eat there a lot at lunchtime. Never had a main meal, though. Let us know. 🙂

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