Fethiye Hotels Along The Marina

Since we started this blog, we’ve been on various strolls along the Karagözler in Fethiye and written about how all the hotels seem to be upping their game and having major face lifts.

We’ve watched the cheap and cheerful Mediteran change into the rather chic Park Marina Hotel and then rebrand itself once more as the Marina Vista Hotel. Ata Park had new windows, V-Go’s Guesthouse created two cool bar areas and the Yeni Yacht and Yacht hotels were completely refurbished and emerged as the stylish Yacht Classic and Yacht Boutique.

Right at the beginning of the first Karagözler, the Dedeoğlu Hotel was given a much needed, modern frontage. The Dedeoğlu is right on the main road, overlooking Fethiye harbour and marina so the new look improved the the skyline immediately.

There was just one Karagözler hotel spoiling the appearance. The Prenses had a 1970s navy blue and mustard green look going on with brown glass panels in the balcony railings.

Alesta Yacht, Karagözler

We think the Alesta Yacht will be popular

But then over winter, someone must have been thinking along the same lines as us and realised that this building was letting the side down. Work began at pace – big work.

The building was shrouded in green netting for a long time so we weren’t able to watch all of the progress but, last week, the netting was removed to reveal the all new Alesta Yacht Hotel. If you know the Karagözler and you can remember this building’s previous existence, you’ve got to admit that it looks good.

Alesta Yacht Hotel, Fethiye

Alesta Yacht Hotel makes the Karaközler look much smarter

As you can see, the Otel Dedeoğlu (on the left) and the Alesta Yacht Hotel (on the right) are dominant features of the Karagözler and neither of them looked great for those arriving in Fethiye by boat. We think the row looks really smart now – out with the ’70s and in with the 21st century.

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