Turkish Food: Aubergine Kebab

Sometimes, with Turkish food, all is not what it seems. Self-catering vegetarians visiting Turkey will be delighted by the variety and vibrancy of the colours of seasonal fruit and vegetables on the local markets.

And whether you are vegetarian are not, the meze fridges of Turkish restaurants tempt people of all persuasions with non-meaty goodies like eggplant salad, barbunya pilaki and spicy Antep ezmesi.

However, vegetarians take note! There is a wonderful Turkish dish that appears on many menus in Fethiye restaurants: Aubergine kebab. The aubergine kebab (patlıcan kebabı) is indeed an aubergine kebab…but it tends to contain a good dose of meat in the form of köfte.

Turkish Aubergine Kebab

The delicious aubergine kebab contains meat

Yes, maybe the name of this kebab doesn’t quite describe its contents too well. Our vegetarian friend nearly ordered it when we were at Mozaik Bahçe a couple of weeks back until I stopped her in her tracks. This little episode did, however, alert Barry to the fact that Aubergine Kebab was on the menu and he promptly ordered it. The vegetarian’s loss was the meat-eater’s gain!

So, if you are visiting Turkey and you order an aubergine kebab, know that you are in for a treat – if you eat meat that is. Large chunks of aubergine, alternated with juicy köfte and barbecued. The aubergine slices absorb the flavours and juices from the meat…and I’m making myself crave an aubergine kebab!

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  1. Wow, yum! That looks so delicious and I’m not even much of a meat eater. You’re driving me crazy with all your food photos!

  2. This is a spectacular dish and one that’s harder to make than it looks! Like the other kebabs, the right cut of meat and texture must be attained so that your meat doesn’t drop off the skewer. Gonna try and make this (again).

  3. @ Andrea: Sorry. We just love food! 🙂

    @ Peter M: I’ve never tried to make it before – and now I’m a bit nervous about trying it. I’m guessing you need a fatty meat?

  4. Very tricky, buts since I am only a vegetarian part time I would love it.

  5. I guess we’re part time vegetarians too, eating meat when we feel like a fix. most of the stuff we eat is veggie stuff. Yeah, you would love it. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says

    found you from the Archers of Okcular – what an interesting and useful site

  7. Hi Julia! Aren’t kebabs always meat-based? ie vegetarians beware: kebab means meat!! I love anything with aubergine myself ….

  8. @ Anonymous: Thanks for finding us. 🙂 Yeah, we read Archers of Okcular. He’s my plant expert! 🙂

    @ A Seasonal Cook in Turkey: People who come out to Fethiye on holiday don’t know that (as in the case of my friend) and these days, what with Fethiye going all up market and everything, you can get yourself a vegetable şiş from a few restaurants. But then maybe that’s not a kebab.:) Yeah, we love aubergine too.

  9. Very nice presentation of the dish!

    I bet they dressed in national costume when they served it. No?? 😛

  10. @ Corinne: The food here always looks great. Errm, if you call flip-flops and linen trousers national costume, then yes. 😉

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