Ramazan Events in Fethiye

Apart from the daily sunset cannon, friends fasting or absconding from drinking alcohol and us enjoying the special Ramazan bread, Ramazan in Fethiye usually passes by quietly for us. At the beginning of this month, we did a post on how Ramazan in Fethiye might affect your holiday and said that you probably wouldn’t even notice anything different.

Fethiye Harbour

The stage on Fethiye harbour

However, that was before we knew that Fethiye Belediyesi (Fethiye council) had arranged a free ‘Ramazan area’ along the harbour with nightly plays, musical performances and dance displays. It was here that we were able to see the Whirling Dervishes display their Sema ritual on Wednesday.

Ramazan Stalls in Fethiye

The stalls along the kordon in Fethiye

Stalls have been set up, selling gözleme (a Turkish flatbread), spices and ice cream from Korkuteli (a small town, high up in the yayla between Fethiye and Antalya). Dodgems crash and race around to the rear of the stage…

Ramazan Events in Fethiye

Happy atmosphere in Fethiye during Ramazan

…children cry and hassle their parents for helium-filled balloons only to start crying again as they let go of the string and watch their new, shiny toy float off into the night sky.

Yes, this is Ramazan 2011 in Fethiye. The council are advertising these events under the slogan, Tüm Halkımız Davetlidir (Roughly translated as Everyone’s Invited) so, if you’re in Fethiye between now and 28th August, rather than let Ramazan pass unnoticed, you could choose to let it be a significant part of your time here by visiting this special area, even if it’s just to soak up a bit of the atmosphere. For the next few nights, it’s mainly music concerts. We’re big music fans so I think we might be heading up to see the Turkish folk music show on Wednesday.

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  1. Id have enjoyed that, we were there during Ramazan last year but it seemed as though not a lot was going on. Shame we arrive on the last day this year!


  2. I am so tempted to jump on a plane and return again 🙂

  3. Good for the Belediye!! This is how Ramazan nights should be!

  4. @ Rob: Yes, this is the first time we’ve noticed events like this going on. Really nice to see, we think.

    @ Tania: Go on then! 🙂

    @ Claudia: Yes, it’s a really good idea isn’t it and nice to acknowledge Ramazan.

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