Dalyan Once More – A Perfect Last Day

This is our remedy for those last-day-in-Turkey-blues. Yesterday, after a fortnight in Çalış, we had to take our friends back to Dalaman Airport for 3pm. Rather than them mope around in Fethiye, sulking at the thought of heading back to rainy Manchester and real life, we suggested hiring a car so we could set off early and spend the day in Dalyan.

And, it appears a pre-flight day out is the perfect remedy! Because we were all somewhere else and enjoying the different scenery Dalyan offers, it didn’t feel like we were waiting for ‘the end.’ Of course, there were those little blips as we all sat laughing where our friend would suddenly stop laughing and do the, ‘Ohhh, I can’t believe we’re going home. I keep forgetting.’ But that was the little blessing; we all kept forgetting.

Dalyan Rock Tombs, Turkey

View of the Dalyan Lycian rock tombs from Yakamoz Restaurant

Our friends had never been to Dalyan before, so we walked along the river and then took them to Yakamoz Restaurant (the restaurant of Hünkar Beğendi and Ali Nazik fame) for a late-morning coffee. It’s right on the water’s edge and a perfect place for admiring the views of the Lycian rock tombs.

A stroll around town and a quick kebab and we still had time for a final drink together at M&M Rock Bar.

And then it was time for the inevitable. As much as we all enjoyed the little detour to Dalyan, we all knew it was going to come to this. We walked back to the car knowing our friends knew they weren’t heading back to Fethiye but setting off to fly back from Dalaman Airport to Manchester. Oh, that dreaded feeling. Our friend was grumbling in the back seat about how many emails he would have to deal with in the office today, that the house would be cold, that there would be loads of mail to deal with…we didn’t envy them and they had our sympathy!

We drove up the ramp towards Departures, quick hugs and goodbyes, a beep of the horn and then we drove off back down the ramp and returned once more to our normal lives in sunny Fethiye. We did feel a little bit guilty…but only a little bit. They’ll be here again!

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  1. My first trip to Dalyan was fifteen years ago and it was captivating. We’ve promised ourselves a return visit perhaps in October. I really loved tumbling over the ruins at Caunos but I would warn visitors to take plenty of mozzie spray.

  2. That photo is stunning – what a great treat to have this time.

  3. @ Jack: We’ve only ever been there at nigh in winter so Never experienced the mozzies. We both said though, it looks like prime mozzie ground. 🙂

    @ Belinda: Thanks. Dalyan is really lovely so it makes life easier for taking a half-decent photo.

  4. Those rock tombs are so intriguing. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. @ Italian Notes: Love the rock tombs. We heard they were being restored, using new technology, this year. No evidence of that happening yet. 🙂

  6. Oh my, for a moment I understood you were leaving Turkey, I felt your pain! 😛

  7. @ Angela: Ha ha, no, we won’t be going anywhere for a while. That would be too painful. 🙂

  8. . . I think that ‘they’ have been persuaded to leave well alone as far as the tombs are concerned. As for the mozzies – it’s a lot better since they filled in and built over the drainage araks – now they just have to worry about flooding in the winter!

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