A Fethiye Bay Cruise Ship – Crystal Serenity

We’ve just been having a lazy Sunday lie-in; not rushing to get out of bed despite the digger’s engines rumbling just outside as it (seemingly) single-handedly constructs phase 2 of the new Fethiye harbour. As I was lying there with my morning brew, I was pondering what to write about today on the blog – and then I came down stairs and opened the curtains…

Crystal Serenity Cruise Ship In Fethiye

Shuttle boats ferry passengers between Fethiye and the ship

We only get two or three cruise ships a year calling off in Fethiye, so it’s always a bit of a shock to be greeted by the sight of a huge, white vessel when you’ve only just woken up. If you read this blog a lot, you’ll know I have a slight tendency towards ship watching (nerdy, I know) so it was a moment of glee as I ran for my camera to get a photo. While we’ve never particularly fancied going on a cruise, I do love the sight of the ships dwarfing all around them.

After getting the photo, I zoomed in to find the name. This beauty is the Crystal Serenity – and a quick search online took me straight to their website. It appears we may have quite a few American visitors in Fethiye, today – 1,070, if the ship is full. It’s the company’s largest ship and certainly one of the biggest we’ve seen in Fethiye bay.

These people are on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Venice and have paid FROM $6,995 per person. Wow! I guess we should be honoured that Fethiye was chosen as a port of call along their route, and no doubt the traders in Paspatur and possibly Kayaköy will be hoping our day visitors will be keen on picking up a few souvenirs to remind them of their day in Fethiye.

Next stop for these lot? They leave Fethiye later on this evening and cruise through the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian Seas before arriving at the Greek island of Kefalonia on Tuesday. Hope the captain sounds the horn as they leave the bay then we can wave goodbye.

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  1. However much they paid it won’t be as much fun as a Blue Cruise on a gullet 🙂

  2. @ Jimbo: Ha ha, probably not. Yet to actually do one of those. Would love to go on one. I bet a gület rocks on the waves more than this boat, though. 🙂

  3. Bleedin’ Hell. It’s huge. We get them all the time in Bodrum along with visiting warships and the enormous yachts of the filthy rich. It’s boom time for the quayside restaurants and tourist tat traders.

  4. Must Check another will not be there when I eventually get to Fethiye

  5. Donna Schwarz-Nielsen says

    Thanks for that. We went past it on the Çaliş taxi today and thought to ourselves how convenient it was if we wanted to go on a cruise if it stops here in Fethiye. Unfortunately won’t be happening any time soon at the price. 😛

  6. Thanks for the info, I was on the promenade making photos of the street gym close to Bogazici this early morning on my rented e-scooter and I noticed they served a nice buffet breakfast only on Sunday’s. I saw this huge cruise ship and I was wondering who they were and where they were going… yesterday, ten of us rented a water-taxi for an all day private journey at sea and it was wonderful, super BBQ buffet lunch all cooked on board, three beaches, a full day at sea for only 30L. Certainly the price has nothing to do with those huge ships! But I was so happy, it was a Keyif day. Suzanne and Mini

  7. @ Jack: Huge, isn’t it – and it didn’t sound the fog horn to say goodbye as it was leaving! 🙁

    @ Chris: Not a fan? We wouldn’t holiday on one but can’t help but feel it would save a few livelihoods in Fethiye.

    @ Donna: Ha ha. Same for us. Those cruises are for ‘other people.’ 🙂

    @ Suzanne: Will email you soon. Glad you’re enjoying Fethiye. The private boat trips are lovely aren’t they? 🙂

  8. Whoa…$7000…better be awesome food. =)

  9. Absolutely wonderful those little water-taxi, it sure was a yavas, yavas day we had. Been also to the Kirkpinard resto high in the mountains. Wonderful food and super vista. You certainly picked a lovely place to live you two! Suzanna

  10. @ Belinda: Yes, I think the ship must cater for a certain type of clientèle. 🙂

    @ Suzanne: By the time you leave Fethiye, you will have seen more than we have! 🙂 Heard about the restaurant in the mountains but we’ve never been. Yes, it’s not such a bad place where we live, is it?

  11. As much as I don’t like cruises, I have a dream of cruising the Med one day. This might just convince me but it’s pricey.

  12. @ Corinne: Great looking ship but yes, very pricey. Apparently, they do 6-star service?!

  13. I feel the same fascination watching these massive cruise ships sailing in and out of recent ports we’ve been visiting lately. Kusadasi had 2 or 3 per day… a regular revolving door. I watched them come and go in Vancouver quite often, but it’s different when you see them in a relatively small city. They do dwarf everything around. What a presence. We’re in Athens right now and they are soooooo many here. Amazing!

  14. @ Mark: Yes, I think Athens is a main destination/departure point for cruise ships whereas they’re a rare sight in Fethiye. It just mazes me that they can even float! 🙂

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