Fethiye Cheap Eats: Mozaik Bahçe Meze Plate

We seem to remember a while back, we started on a little quest to hunt out Fethiye’s cheap eats. Remember that? Places where we can eat out for 10 lira and under. We wrote about the dürüm kebabs at Öz Gaziantep and the Sundial Burger at the Sundial Hotel amongst others.

A crazy summer season schedule of playing out with visiting friends and family has meant the schedule on this blog has become, let’s say, a tad haphazard. And as for the cheap eats, well we’ve not done very many, it has to be said. Our diet has been a lively mixture of grabbing a quick snack at home before dashing out or sitting down in restaurants and proceeding to shell out rather more than 10 lira!

Mozaik Bahçe Meze Plate

The Mozaik Bahçe meze plate is a great lunch or light evening meal

So, let’s start getting back to some sort of budget-life-normality with our latest offering towards the Fethiye Cheap Eats series. The photo above is of the ‘meze platter for 2’ served at Mozaik Bahçe restaurant in the centre of Fethiye. At the time of writing, this dish is 14 Turkish lira but it’s for 2 people. If you’re visiting the restaurant alone, you’ll be pleased to know they do a meze dish for 1 as well (and yes, that’s 7 lira).

Generous helpings of Antep ezmesi, hummus, olive salad, yoghurt with peppers, aubergine salad and a spinach fritter for each person are garnished with spicy pickles and served with a basket of warm bread. (Click the links to take you to our recipes for these meze dishes.)

We’ve had this meze plate for lunch on a few occasions. Sitting down to take time over a few light meze offerings makes a pleasant change from grabbing a quick kebab and it’s also a perfect amount for two people.

However, all of this comes with a little warning, and if you know Mozaik Bahçe, you may well know what this warning is going to be. You see, the menu is full of really interesting and tempting dishes from the Hatay region of Eastern Turkey and, if you’re like us and get a bit excited about trying different foods, you may well struggle to stop at spending 7 lira on a meze plate. You’ve been warned.

Mozaik Bahçe is tucked away on a quiet side street in the centre of Fethiye, directly behind Domino’s Pizza.

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  1. That looks fantastic. I know what you mean about wanting a change from kebabs.

  2. THAT LOOKS FABULOUS! Sorry for shouting, just couldn’t help it. YUM!
    (And I’m stuck at work on late shift, and I’m hungry. I may have just blown up my computer by drooling on my keyboard.)

  3. @ Renee: Yeah, we do love our kebabs but sometimes, you just need a bit of something different don’t you? 🙂

    @ Barbara: I guess we’re lucky to have all this lovely produce around us. Sorry to hear you’re stuck at work.

  4. This post made me laugh! I have only been to the Bodrum/Gumbet region of Turkey, but I love the country, the people, the food (I could go on). I really like to eat traditional food when visting a new country and I love the fact that this place is found ‘directly behind Domino’s Pizza’!!! It seems Domino’s, MacDonalds etc are taking over the world. Oh well, I ‘spose that leaves more traditional tasty food for the rest of us! 🙂

  5. @ Lu: Well the good thing about that is, Mozaik Bahçe is always full in the evenings whereas Domino’s isn’t. They do have a raft of scooters though, ferrying about the takeaway pizzas. 🙂

  6. jones family says

    food looks amazing. we are leaving istabul and heading south. we will probably be at Fet. next week and hope to try that food.

  7. I’ve just got home from my holiday having gone to Mozaik Bahçe on your recommendation and it was absolutely delicious!

  8. @ Jones Family: Hope you reach it this far and enjoy the food along the way. Weather should be a bit cooler too. 🙂

    @ Jenny: Glad you enjoyed the food there. Restaurants are so personal, we always worry about recommending them but the food is just great at Mosaik Bahçe.

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