Greetings From Rainy Istanbul

What’s the purpose of coming up with an itinerary for a jaunt to Istanbul, if not to completely ignore it? That’s not too far away from what’s happened with us and it just shows that we’re better at being spontaneous rather than organised.

Continuous rain has put pay to a few of the activities on our Istanbul list so we’ve had to come up with some more practical alternatives. Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of things to do in Istanbul so we’ve not struggled.

2011 Istanbul Marathon Expo

Allsorts of sport goodies for sale at the marathon expo

We’ve also just completed our runs in the 2011 Istanbul Eurasia Marathon – I’ve done my first 15k run and Barry’s soldiered through his first ever marathon. I think I can safely say, we’re not going to be moving anywhere too far this afternoon or tomorrow! Luckily, we’ve found a great little bar just a few doors from where we’re staying so we don’t even have to get too wet while we’re hobbling there.

I’ve got hundreds of photos on my camera and we’ve got loads of posts lined up. We just need to get them on the blog now. First things first though…a well-earned Efes!

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  1. Congratulations on a *huge* accomplishment!

  2. A very well earned Efes. Enjoy. Congratulations to both of you.

  3. Greetings from rainy Bodrum and congratulations on your marvellous achievement. Very impressive.

  4. Greetings from a warm and sunny UK!

    Congrats to you both! And oh . . .what I wouldn’t give for an Efes right now! Rain or not . . .

  5. Congrats again! The rain finally caught up with us here in Fethiye, but right as we were leaving. Lovely area, so we hope to return!

  6. Congrats!!!

  7. Congratulations, félicitations to both of you for achieving what you planned. Here in Fethiye I am enjoying these great places you had mentioned on your blog like West Cafe Bistro today at Gocek and Mozaic Bahce last week twice and Cin Bal in Kayakoy twice also. The owner loves Quebec women and offered us each two glasses of wine with a french song on his cell and I danced in the restaurant with him! Thank you for all those information you keep providing on this wonderful blog, you make my trip so much more exciting. Suzanne and Mini

  8. @ Anil: Thanks. Barry looked like he’d achieved a lot when he crossed that finish line! 😉

    @ omentide: Thank you and the Efes was one of the best we’ve tasted! 🙂

    @ Jack: Thank you and we’ve heard we might going back to a rainy Fethiye! 🙂

    @ Anonymous: You can get Efes in wetherspoons if you really want one. Not quite the same though, is it? 🙂

    @ Joy: And we might even be able to catch up with you if you do return to the Fethiye area. 🙂

    @ Belinda: Thanks.

    @ Suzanne: Thanks for your lovely comment again. Sounds like you’remaking a bit of an impression around the Fethiye region! 😉 Glad you’re enjoying it.

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