Sundial Sunset Over Fethiye – Farewell To Our 2011 Summer Season

In a few hours’ time, we’ll be on a bus heading up to Istanbul for a well-earned break. Not that there’ll be a lot of resting going on – too much Istanbul sightseeing to be done – but the change of scenery and just being in our favourite city is enough to replenish energy that’s gradually sapped away over the busy summer.

So, what’s the relevance of today’s photo? If you’re familiar with Fethiye, you’ll know that this is a photo of the sunset over Fethiye bay, taken from the Sundial. What’s that got to do with Istanbul?

Fethiye Sunset From Sundial Hotel, Turkey

Sunset over Fethiye Bay, viewed from the Sundial

This is our sunset on summer. We still have friends out here on holiday who we’ll say goodbye to later on this afternoon. We’ll spend 5 not very warm days in Istanbul (the weather forecast isn’t great) and by the time we get back to Fethiye, our friends will be back in the UK, leaving both us and Fethiye in winter mode.

The winter clothes have already been dug out so we could pack something a bit warmer for our trip – and yesterday, the all-telling message appeared in our Facebook stream. The Sundial announced that their cosy, winter open fire was back in its rightful place in the centre of the restaurant, ready to keep us warm while we listen to the crackling of burning wood and admire views like the one above.

(As usual, we’ll be taking the laptop to Istanbul with us and will try to do a few posts while we’re there.)

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  1. Lovely photo! I look forward to hearing about your trip to Istanbul. Have a good time!

  2. That’s a great picture of a lovely sunset! Have a great holiday!

  3. @ Andrea: Thanks. Don’t worry, there’ll be LOADS more Istanbul posts on here soon! 🙂

    @ ping: Thank you and thank you. I’m sure we’ll have a great time. 🙂

  4. We’re really lapping up the autumn after the blistering summer. Sunsets are just stunning here, aren’t they? Enjoy your time in the hassle and bustle of the simply sublime Istanbul.

  5. The Happy Migrant says

    Wow That is gorgeous! I will have to visit Turkey.

  6. Hopefully, I will be enjoying this same sunset when we are in Fethiye this weekend. =)Definitely bring a nice jacket b/c Istanbul has indeed been a bit chilly lately esp. by the water and at night. Cheers!

  7. Beautiful photo. We’re feeling the winter mode already. Have fun in Istanbul and good luck with the run.

  8. @ Jack: Isn’t the autumn just fabulous?! We’ve looked at the temps for Istanbul and we might be in for a bit of a body shock but I doubt we’ll notice it too much. Like you, for us Istanbul is sublime! 🙂

    @ The Happy Migrant: Not many people leave disappointed. 🙂

    @ Joy: We’ve heard too much about this Istanbul weather now! You’ll be swimming and we’ll be freezing. 🙂

    @ Mark: Thanks for the good luck wishes. Sure we’ll manage to have a bit of fun along the way. 🙂

  9. Gutted!! I was due to fly to Antalya 3 weeks ago but my fiance’s documents have been LOST! I wanted to feel the last of the summer… looks like I’ll be going to Istanbul in the Autumn instead 🙂 Can’t wait to write all about it!
    Great blog, I’ll be reading more.

  10. @ Nazarblue: Thanks for dropping by. Will be looking forward to your posts, too. 🙂 We’re ready for this break.

  11. Enjoy the break! I would kill for one right now. That sunset is absolutely stunning, what calming colors.

  12. Have a wonderful time!! Great shot.

  13. I feel sad every time summer ends. I feel that it’s always too short. Today it was almost 90 degrees in San Diego but next week it’ll officially be fall =(

  14. Beautiful sunset, although sad that the cold weather is setting in. Have a great time in Istanbul!

  15. @ Abby: We were ready for the break when we came to Istanbul so know how you feel! 🙂 The sunset from the Sundial is always special.

    @ Belinda: Thanks. We’ll try our best. 🙂

    @ Grace: We’re ready for Autumn in Fethiye now but it’s a bit of a shock to the system coming to this weather in Istanbul. 🙂

    @ Laurel: Thanks. We actually quite like a bit of colder weather in Fethiye…sometimes. 🙂

  16. Rnjoy yje streets of Istanbul. I can’t wait to discover all the sights and sounds.

  17. @ Bellini: We had a great time thanks. Lots of blog posts to come over the next few weeks. 🙂

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