Fethiye Winter Preparations – It’s November

Since we returned from wintery Istanbul, we’ve been revelling in perfect autumn weather in Fethiye. Each day is filled with that we’ve-got-to-get-outdoors-and-make-the-most-of-this feeling as daytime temperatures reach the pleasant early to mid-20 degrees. But, as we said yesterday, the reminders that the seasons are on the change are felt as soon as the sun begins to go down.

Doğa Sefası Cafe in Fethiye
Longer autumn shadows and the new steel frame at Cafe Doğa Sefası

Due to its climate, it’s no surprise that Fethiye is very much based around the great outdoors, so what happens when the colder weather gives clues that its arrival isn’t too far away? Back in July, we wrote a post about Cafe Doğa Sefası; the latest business to open along the new Fethiye harbour. As with most places along the harbour, we’ve enjoyed sitting here over summer, enjoying a few drinks with friends. But we had been wondering whether they were going to be open in winter due to it having no indoor space.

Why did we wonder that? We should know by now in Fethiye that a no-indoor-space place can (seemingly) miraculously morph into an enclosed area within a matter of days…without the business having to close during the work. A few days ago, the finishing touches were added to a large steel frame that we presume is going to become Cafe Doğa Sefası’s respite area from the cold to come.

Sunset From Cafe Doğa Sefası, Fethiye
Sunset opposite Cafe Doğa Sefası

Even when we were sat at the cafe just recently, the sun suddenly started to go down – it’s still catching us out – and the temperature immediately dropped. (The couple in the photo were enjoying a romantic moment and a glass of wine but soon started to row back in fits of giggles when the light started to fade!) We were in t-shirts that had been adequate a few minutes before but now we were cold so it was home time. We went to the desk to pay the bill…

Cafe Doğa Sefası covered area

…and were very impressed by the new ‘inside.’ Don’t think we’ll mind too much about sitting here in a few weeks. Shall we say it again? We love winter in Fethiye.

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  1. It’s nice to spend the winter in a place you really enjoy. The views are wonderful. I can see why you enjoy it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  2. @ Mary: It certainly is. Hope you’ll be spending your winter somewhere you enjoy, too.

  3. Sun and high temperatures in November always makes me envious. I’d love to be in that café right now – outdoors or indoors 🙂

  4. @ Italian Notes: This time of year in Fethiye is our favourite. The weather’s great for so much outdoor activity – and for sitting in cafes too, of course. 🙂

  5. This looks like some of the very fancy private beach clubs on the Côte d’Azur, but they all close in September. Beautiful!

  6. @ Cuisine de Provence: We were really surprised when we went inside to pay. Very pretty isn’t it,especially with the sea in the background. Thankfully, life continues as normal in Fethiye during winter – except under a roof. 🙂

  7. Cafe Doğa Sefası looks very inviting. I think they know how to keep customers coming in any season. Enjoy those winter drinks “inside”!

  8. Sounds like it’s getting pretty cold, but looks like a fantastic cafe, with a equally great view!

  9. @ Cathy Sweeney: Doesn’t it just?! Most businesses in Turkey know how to keep the customers coming. 😉

    @ Mark Wiens: Yeah, it is a great view. Not too cold just yet but it’s not far away. 🙂

  10. I sat by the harbour when I was in Fethiye but seemed to have missed this business. It looks like a great place to be. I was feeding the copious amounts of fish and birds that seemed to descend as soon as the bread appeared! 🙂

  11. @ Natalie: Sounds like you were at Hello Büfe. Cafe Doga Sefasi is quite a way further down, on its own so it gets its own little crowd – and gets to charge slightly more for its drinks. 😉

  12. The cafe looks very swanky! We’re dealing with these changes in Tarifa at the moment as well; another place that is based around the great outdoors and it sounds like we have similar climates.

  13. @ Robin: Quite impressive isn’t it? We were pleasantly surprised. Yeah, think we do have similar climates. We’re at that time of year where we just don’t know what to wear. 😉

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