Hotels In Fethiye & Turkey

A little claim to fame and some good news for Fethiye this morning as Trip Advisor placed the town on its list of ‘destinations on the rise.’ Whether that means the whole Fethiye region or just the town itself, we’re not sure – but it’s still nice to wake up to when a sizeable bunch of your friends rely on good tourist numbers in order to make a living. We’ll see what the season brings.

It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to summer holidays and short breaks – we’ve already mulled over quite a few ideas of where we might like to go in Turkey in 2012 – so this post is a reminder that you can book hotels in Turkey and flights to Turkish airports via our blog.

Hotels In Fethiye & Çalış

Çalış and Fethiye Hotels

As we write many of our posts about Fethiye, the page opens on the Fethiye & Çalış hotels section, but you can compare prices and book hotels all over Turkey (actually, you can book hotels all over the world but, well, we’re a Turkey blog).

Hotels In Fethiye Along The Karagözler

Yacht Classic Hotel and V-Go Guesthouse, Fethiye

These two collages are photos I’ve taken throughout this year and all of these hotels – and hundreds more – feature in the Fethiye & Ölüdeniz sections. The site compares prices from most of the top online booking companies such as and hotels4u, so hopefully, you should be able to find the hotel you’re looking for and at the best price.

Are you planning to visit Turkey? If so, where will you go? 

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  1. Of course, Fethiye is a great spot to visit! =) Just saw this in my TA email as well.

  2. I’ve never been to Fethiye but my husband’s friend’s family live there. They now run some Yacht business…..heard it was a very beautiful place. Love looking at you photo’s as the temp. here are about -10 cel. brrrr.

  3. @ Joy: Very true. It’s the time of year! 🙂

    @ Erica: Sorry it’s so cold where you are. Fethiye is lovely. There are a few yacht places here. Maybe we know your friend’s family? 🙂

  4. Looks delightful. One day I’ll visit!
    All the best for the coming year!!!

  5. @ Andrew Graeme Gould: Yes, Fethiye should be on your list of places to see if you come to Turkey. 🙂 Same to you. Hope your 2012 is successful!

  6. what wonderful pictures!!! It really is gorgeous- I will definitely tell others about this destination.

  7. @ Anjuli: Fethiye is a very pretty town to live in – and hopefully on the up in 2012. Would be nice. 🙂

  8. Wow! Looks really beautiful there…

  9. @ TheWorldOrBust: Yeah, we rather like living in Fethiye. 🙂

  10. We stayed at Villa Daffodil in Fethiye last year. It was great! I would stay there again.

  11. @ Woodsprite: Great to hear from someone who has stayed at these hotels. Thank you for your comment. We can recommend it to people if they ask us now. 🙂

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