Çalış Christmas Fayre – Colours Of The Day

Last December, the 2010 Çalış Christmas Fayre was drenched with torrential rain and it was only a few brave soles that attempted to set up stall and a few brave soles that attempted to take part and join in the fun.

Today, it was completely different story for the 2011 Çalış Christmas Fayre. There was definitely cloud around – but the sun won through, the masses arrived, and hopefully, everyone had a fun day. We walked up and down seeing lots of familiar faces – both customers and stall holders. The place was packed!

If you couldn’t be at the fayre today, we hope you enjoy these photo collages displaying the wonderful goods and colours that were on show along the beach.
Gülay's Stall At Çalış Christmas Fair
First up: Gülay’s stall. Gülay is from a village near Dalyan and, after being left paralysed from an accident 11 years ago, she trained herself in arts and crafts so she could run her own business and continue to support her family.
Stall At Calis Beach Christmas Fair
This is a selection of colours that were on sale on Rana’s stall. Rana owns a shop close to Cafe Cafe in Fethiye. She sells costume jewellery made from natural stone. Today, she also had Christmas cards and felt bags and purses.
Stall At Calis Beach Christmas Fair
We also bumped into Shah. Shah owns Poseidon in Kayaköyü and he and his wife Louise also have the Shahlou clothing and craft shop next to Poseidon. If you want to catch him before Christmas, they now also have a shop in Fethiye, opposite the blue culture centre.
Stall At The Christmas Fair In Çalış
Despite the warm temperatures in Fethiye at the moment, it is winter and almost every other stall had colourful scarves and pashminas of some description on display.
Christmas Fair In Calis

We came home feeling festive having made a couple of purchases: A Christmas present that I can’t mention on here in case it is seen by the wrong person, some Christmas candles from Gülay’s stall, a bracelet for myself and, and, and…we had a real bratwurst in a bun for lunch.


Stuck for something to buy a friend this Christmas? Read our Turkish Christmas Gift Ideas for inspiration.

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  1. Wonderful, I would get voluntarily lost a couple of times at that market..

  2. @ Angela: Just glad the weather was better for everyone after last year’s washout. It was a good day.

  3. Definitely put in the right mood!

  4. @ Belinda: Me, too. Great colours aren’t they?! 🙂

  5. The day was perfect and a fun time for everyone. Love your photos. They show lots of texture and colours. We had a nice stroll back and forth buying some presents, having a meal. Didn’t find a Christmas tree for the wee one. I saw the bratwurst and should have grabbed one. Where the good?

  6. Well, I’d never … Are they really pushing bratwurst and holly mugs in Turkey these days?

  7. @ Mark: We were expecting the bratwurst to just be a cheap pork sausage to be honest but they were real bratwurst and really good. Worth 5 lira! If you’re looking for a tree, they have them in the supermarkets – but maybe a bit later on – and there’s also a Christmas shop in Fethiye.

    @ Italian Notes: There were a lot of Turks there buying their goodies and decorations for New Year. One of our Turkish friends LOVES Christmas shopping (unlike me!). Not sure where the bratwurst idea came from but we weren’t complaining. 🙂

  8. The crafts look wonderful. And…Mmm…real bratwurst, now I’m jealous! I’ll be eating a slice of NYC pepperoni pizza in just a few days. =)

  9. @ Joy: The bratwurst was a treat, I’ve got to say. It was far too small for its bun but it didn’t matter. Enjoy your pizza! 🙂

  10. What a fun way to get into the Xmas spirit. Fancy seeing bratwurst there!

  11. @ Jenny: Yes, we were happy to see the bratwurst. No idea where the restaurant got them from and we didn’t ask either. There sooo good. 🙂

  12. It was great to meet up with you guys – thanks again for supporting Gulay. I’ll point her at this post.
    Warmest best to you both.

  13. @ Alan: No probs. Great to meet up with you as well – always good to put faces to blog names! 🙂 We’ll give her business another mention on Facebook, too.

  14. This looks really super, Julia!I c never imagined a fair like this!

  15. @ A Seasonal Cook in Turkey: It was a great turnout this year because of the lovely weather. The charities did really well which was the main thing. 🙂

  16. Glad the weather cooperated for the 2011 Çalış Christmas Fayre. Looks like much fun and plenty of shopping.

  17. @ Cathy Sweeney: This year’s fair was much more successful than the last one because of the weather. And yes, much shopping was done. I think the fair might be even bigger next year. 🙂

  18. What a beautiful collection of images. Looks so lovely!

  19. @ Andrew Graeme Gould: Thank you. The whole scene was really colourful so I decided to concentrate on that for the photos. 🙂

  20. I hope next year I will be there on my soap! 🙂

  21. Hi all well 2017 yes the rain came on and off but we can’t let a bit of rain stop us, though not as busy as last year and it didn’t have the Xmas Buzz all expats was there supporting this great fayre,fingers crossed for next year.Happy Christmas to all who came love Debbie xx

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