Turkish Beer: Efes Gusta Wheat Beer

Turkish Beers - Gusta Wheat Beer

Back in November we wrote about an interesting variation on the Efes Dark beer theme. That was no ordinary dark beer. That particular beer was Efes Dark Kahve Aromalı; a dark beer with a hint of coffee flavouring. It’s not a beer we could drink all night, but it’s definitely a good winter tipple and we’ll no doubt be enjoying the odd bottle over Christmas and New Year.

Over the festive season we’ll be in Fethiye, and the fridge will of course be well-stocked with Efes Pilsen along with other festive liquid treats. We’ll also be making space somewhere on the shelves for a few bottles of another Efes production, Gusta Buğday Bira.

Gusta is Efes’s contribution to the world of wheat beer and, despite my love of beers, wheat beer is a drink that just does not suit my palette. No, Gusta will be in the fridge for the benefit of any visitors that care to call upon us – and as one of the beers of choice for Barry.

Whenever we go to Greece, we always make the most of the various choices on offer and enjoy working our way through a few beers from different countries. And Barry always goes for a wheat beer as one of his choices. When we were beer sampling in Rhodes Old Town, the choice was Paulaner. The weather was hot and sunny and a cloudy, murky looking beer just does not cut it for me in those temperatures. As soon as he poured it into the glass, I could smell those familiar fruity aromas that distinguish wheat beers from a refreshing pilsen. Not for me! Crisp, light and clear is what I’m looking for.

With wheat beer, as far as I’m concerned, you either like it or you don’t. For those of you out there that do enjoy the distinctive aromas and flavours of murkiness in a glass, Gusta is a perfectly good example of a wheat beer…according to Barry. It’s usually served in bars in Turkey in its corresponding tulip-shaped Gusta glass and at 5% it’s not as strong as many of the German wheat beers out there. But when it comes to the morning after, that’s not always a bad thing – especially if you’re like us and are likely to be mixing your drinks between now and January 1st 2012!

Are you a fan of wheat beer? Have you tried Gusta? If so, what did you think of it?

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  1. nice little write up. I was fortunate to visit Munich a lot on business so have a liking for weiss beer (their cloudy wheat beer). I doubt I’ll be seeing this Gusta in Turkey as we aren’t back until June. Then I have to agree a clean, clear and crisp lager is the order the day!

  2. @ Paul: Loved the German beers when we were in Berlin and Bremen (Becks in Bremen) but never ventured the the weiss bier. You’ll see it in Turkey in June but I’ll definitely be on the more refreshing, amber Efes. 🙂

  3. Liam loves wheat beer and has tippled a little Gusta from time to time. I stick to Efes pilsner.

  4. I enjoyed Gusta a lot more than Efes, so if I had a choice, I’d choose Gusta. It wasn’t readily available at all the little shops in Ankara.


  5. @ Jack Scott: Yeah, I prefer an Efes Pilsen to a Gusta. I keep trying with the Gusta but it’s not happening. 🙂

    @ Stephanie: Interesting. It’s pretty big in Fethiye. Most places here sell it in packs of 4 – sometimes with a free Gusta glass. Woo hoo. 🙂

  6. I know plenty of folk who would love to try this!

  7. @ Belinda: Ahhh, but would YOU try it? That’s the question. 🙂

  8. Damnnnn i was just in Istanbul and I didn’t see this there! I would have been all over it, oh well, next time.

  9. @ TheWorldOrBust: It doesn’t exactly shout out wheat beer does it? A very unassuming bottle. It’s give you an excuse to come back to Istanbul, though. 🙂

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