Fethiye Photo: Sheltering From The Storm

It’s Friday again so it’s time for another Fethiye photo. Previously, the photos have concentrated on the January winter sunshine, particularly the photo of Fethiye harbour that we showed a couple of weeks back. 

However, this week has been very wet so it seems only fitting that today’s photo displays that. I took this yesterday morning after restless sleep caused by storms, reminiscent of the Fethiye storms that caused the damage in Çalış last year. Throughout Wednesday night, continuous, angry rumbles of thunder were only interrupted by huge booms of thunder directly above us and high winds and rain battered the house.
Heavy Skies Over Fethiye
Heavy skies over Fethiye

This is the calm after the storm. It’s quite common for tankers and cargo ships to come into Fethiye bay and, while they’re considered an eyesore by some, I think there’s a certain beauty and serenity about them as they rest on the dead-calm, morning waters of the bay. Yesterday morning, a couple of tankers were in Fethiye bay, presumably to shelter from the rough, Mediterranean seas. This was one of them. It had been here for three days.

Today is sunny and clear and the vessels are now gone. Hopefully, we’ll now get some respite from the stormy weather of this last week so those affected can begin their clean-up and repair any damage caused. Here’s to a sunny weekend! 


  1. Looking at this beautiful photo I would have never guessed that you were experiencing storms and thunder! We have had similar weather here and seen many cargo ships as well.

  2. Rainy days here too, a good thing with the hot long summers of the Middle East. Great photo, it would look nice hanging on my wall.

  3. I too would not have known about the storms, looking at this picture- isn’t that how it is even in the storms of life- once they pass things appear so calm and you wonder if it was a dream that you went through the storm in the first place.

  4. @ tasteofbeirut: That’s about the size of it. Lots of thunder, wind and rain – but we love the tankers. :)

    @ Sarah: Feel free to download it. 😉 Glad you got some rain in your neck of the woods. :)

  5. Lovely image, Julia. Beautiful tones, and as you say, these ships, with their imposing presence, can be very impressive viewing. That’s certainly the case here.

  6. @ Andrew Graeme Gould: Thanks. Yes, we love the imposing presence of the ships, more so than the cruise ships that come in. :)

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