Kayaköy Spring Lamb: A Photo

It’s Friday again, so that can only mean one thing: time for another Fethiye photo. As we’ve mentioned before, most of these photos are from my photo archives of the last three years and each one will have been taken in the month we’re currently in. So, here’s our final photo for the month of February.

Kayaköy Sheep

A ewe and her lamb in Kayaköy – February 2011

Very fitting again as today has been the best day we’ve had so far in 2012. Beautiful February sunshine and pleasant temperatures just like the day we took this photo in Kayaköy. We took it on the day we did the trek to Af Kule. We were on our way back to catch the dolmuş back to Fethiye when we spotted this ewe and her lamb hiding behind the trunk of the tree.

If you remember two weeks ago, our photo was of a calf in Kayaköy. Baby animals are always a perfect reminder that the harshness of winter has passed and we have spring and the new life it brings to look forward to.

In March, we have five Fridays this year, so it’s time to trawl through the archives again and find five photos from around the Fethiye area which best portray the springtime atmosphere. March can be wet and windy on occasions but we’re sure we’ll be able to hunt out five great pictures from previous years. We’ve yet to show a photo taken in Ölüdeniz in this series. I wonder if we’ve got any March photos taken in Ölüdeniz…

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  1. Can this be the end of winter now?!

  2. What a sweet photo! Spring is coming!

  3. @ Jack Scott: I reckon we’ve cracked it. we’re definitely over the worst. Hope I’ve not just tempted fate there! 😉

    @ Belinda: It is sweet, isn’t it?! Spring can’t come soon enough this year after the winter we’ve had. 🙂

  4. Ahhhhhhh! Shish!!!

  5. @ Alan: Aww, how could you?! 😉 You can’t beat a good lamb şiş though,can you?

  6. What a gorgeous photo – and reminder of spring. And a sudden desire to become a vegetarian.

  7. @ Sophie: Thanks for the compliment. Hmm, we could never become vegetarian, even if the lambs are very cute. 😉

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