Scenic Fethiye: Along Fethiye Marina in Winter

A couple of weeks back, we got one of those crisp, sunny Fethiye days that only happen in winter; sharp outlines on the snowcapped mountains, bright blue, an almost cloudless sky and a perfectly calm, glass-like sea. This weather is perfect for taking photos so we went off into Fethiye, camera in tow.

Gulets In Fethiye

A man sands a gület along Fethiye Harbour

Our aim was to head for Fethiye marina to get some photos of the yachts, but before we could head that way, we were first of all sidetracked by the hoardings displaying an artist’s impression of the new Fethiye town square. (Click the link to see photos of the proposed layout.) Along with a smattering of other people, we were there for half an hour or so, trying to work out angles, which building was what, what was sea and what was land – there’s a very blue look to the pictures.

Reflections In Fethiye Marina

Reflections in Fethiye Marina

Once we were happy we’d worked everything out, we eventually made our way towards the marina. At this time of year, bar a few security and boat-office staff, you have the marina to yourself. I have no idea why – what a beautiful place to sit and while away a bit of time. The uniform row of yachts standing to attention, their masts creating near perfect reflections in the sea.

Fethiye Marina

Looking towards the mountains from Fethiye marina

And if it’s cold and the novelty of standing along the marina taking photos of rows of white yachts that all look the same wears off, you can always bob into the MOD bar/restaurant and admire the view while sipping an Efes Pilsen. It’s open in the daytime throughout winter (except Sundays) and, as with the rest of Fethiye marina, you’ll probably have the place to yourself. We usually do…

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  1. Beautiful. Can the winter be over now please?

  2. Thank you so much for these soooo beautiful photos, one of them is now my screen background and makes me dream.
    Got my plane tickets, will arrive Sept. 9th for three months, cant wait to see you both.
    Suzanne and Mini

  3. I’m not into sailing, but I really like marinas. So tranquil and beautiful and such promise of fun trips 🙂 Beautiful pics!

  4. @ Jack Scott: Now, if the winter was over, we wouldn’t get beautiful scenery like this anymore! 😉 It’s been a bad one hasn’t it?! Days like this have been few and far between.

    @ Suzanne and Mini: Hey, hello!! Hope you enjoy your new desktop picture. Glad it;s made you dream and glad you got your tickets. See you in a few months! 🙂

    @ Sabrina: Thank you! 🙂 Same here; I love admiring boats and hanging about in marinas but don’t really have any desire to sail them anywhere.

  5. just gorgeous!

  6. @ Jaz: We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place like Fethiye. The marina is perfect in winter.

  7. Glad to see Fethiye marina has improved. The first time I sailed there it was surrounded by barbed wire and guarded by soldiers with machine guns.

  8. @BacktoBodrum: Wow, that must have been a long time ago. When was that? 🙂 It’s a really pretty marina now, especially when you look at it from the water. The coastguard are still there and the jandarma but they’re further along the bay and they have a rather pleasant setting too.

  9. really amazing pics- the boats all lined up in a row- the reflection in the water- just so crisp!!

  10. @ Anjuli: Thank you. It is lovely to see the boats lined up in a row; especially as they’re all the same so it makes for a good symmetry. 🙂

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