A Vote For Fethiye Is A Vote For Turkey Too

Today’s post is a rally cry, a call to action, a desperate plea; call it what you will. We’re asking for your help, please. Many of you will know already that a couple of weeks back, we entered Fethiye into the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2012 and yesterday, voting opened in the last 16.

From 128 cities, the three Turkish cities that entered – Fethiye, Izmir and Istanbul – are still in the competition. We would like to get all three through to the Last 8! As things stand, Izmir and Istanbul are holding their own and are doing well against their competitors. Fethiye however is up against the might of Barcelona and in the words of the competition organiser foXnoMad himself, the current race between the two is ‘close.’

Fethiye Sunset

A beautiful Fethiye sunset

So, what do we need from you?

  • Please go to the poll and vote for Fethiye. It’s really quick and easy. Just click the following link, then click ‘Fethiye’ and then click ‘Vote’ directly underneath. Vote for Fethiye, here.
  • Now share this post, or the voting page, with everyone you know who loves Fethiye or Turkey. All 3 Turkish cities in the last 8 of the competition would be some achievement and can only be good for improving the profile of Turkey as a travel destination.

To everyone who has already voted, many thanks for taking part, and to everyone who is about to vote, thank you, too. Oh, and don’t forget to give Izmir and Istanbul your click love, too. You never know, they might need it – Fethiye certainly does…

Thanks again & happy (Fethiye) voting!

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  1. Just voted for Fethiye. With sunsets like that, it should be an easy victory 🙂

  2. @ Sophie: Thank you. Apparently Fethiye and Barcelona are neck and neck so we’re not hopeful but we’ll see tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Ha ha… I love Barcelona.
    But I gave you my vote.
    Now you have to buy me a coffee. 😉 Ha!

  4. @ London Caller: I’m sure we’d love Barcelona if we ever went there, too. However, thank you very much for your vote! To get Fethiye into the last 8 with Izmir and Istanbul would be really good for Turkey. 🙂

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