Fethiye Harbour Under Construction

If you’re at all familiar with Turkey, you’ll know that alongside the images associated with it of idyllic turquoise bays, majestic mountain scenery, vast plains and (let’s face it) Istanbul, there’s also the image of constant construction. It’s a fact of daily life. Whether it’s the creation of something new like hotels, apartment blocks or a new harbour, or simply a case of smashing the frontage off a building and starting again, it all happens in Turkey on a daily basis.

Fethiye does not escape this trend. In fact, Fethiye is surely a contender for leading the trend at the moment. The weather’s improving, business owners are speculating on the success (or not) of the fast-approaching summer season and with that comes the inevitable, annual race-against-time improvements. Let’s see what’s going on along the harbour towards Fethiye.

New Bar, Fethiye Harbour

Cafe? Bar? Restaurant? We’ll soon find out

Phase 2 of the new Fethiye harbour was completed some time ago and these funky steel and wood constructions appeared at intervals along the new stretch. They looked great but we wondered how practical they were – and maybe potential business owners thought the same because most of them have stood empty since they were built.

Fethiye Harbour Work

A new Fethiye harbour restaurant?

However, as you can see in these photos, all of that is changing in 2012. Last month, almost simultaneously, people arrived at the different buildings with clipboards. Lots of pointing and discussion ensued and then wall smashing, wall building, angle grinding and window and door replacing began.

New Shop & Cafe Bar, Fethiye Harbour

A new market and bar by the marina

Even the little stands facing the new marina have been given doors and windows. The place on the right looks like a new cafe bar and the one on the left is already a functioning, much-needed market. While we love having so many bars and restaurants to enjoy along Fethiye harbour, it’s also useful to be able to just pick up a bottle of water as we stroll.

Fethiye Harbour Construction

And another new restaurant along Fethiye harbour

If we’ve counted right, summer residents and visitors to Fethiye harbour are going to have six brand new places to choose from on top of the existing bars and restaurants. Of course, we’re assuming these new places are going to be bars and restaurants…

Matisse Restaurant, Fethiye

Matisse Restaurant

We’re looking forward to sampling all of them over time – but this one in particular is interesting us at the moment. It’s going to be called Matisse (they’ve already got their awnings up by the sea) and it’s huge.

And speaking of construction, back in February, we wrote about the new Fethiye town square. Much rain over the winter produced a boggy, muddy sludge and not a lot happened after we did the post.

Fethiye Town Square Construction Work

Fethiye’s new town square is finally taking shape

But spring is now upon us and already, a lot of the road and parking bays around the new square are laid and the plans are taking shape. There’s a long way to go on this one but every time we walk past, there’s activity and progress…unlike on phase 3 of Fethiye harbour. We wait patiently for progress on that one…

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  1. Thanks for the update Julia.
    We love to walk from Calis along the prom and often wondered when they would begin to make use of these new premises.
    Roll on May and our first visit of the year when we can hopefully sample a refreshment or three in one of them

  2. Yes, we always have construction going on here in Istanbul as well. Wait until you see all the work that’s been happening in the Hippodrome. It’s going to look fantastic once all the pavers are laid.

  3. @ Craftyanny: Yes, a refreshment or 3!! 🙂 Whenever we sit down along Fethiye harbour, we always end up staying around for much longer than intended.

    @ Joy: Woo, sounds intriguing. Definitely want to see that. Whether we’ll see it during this time’s flying visit to Istanbul is another matter. 🙂

  4. It’s always a case of will they, won’t they finish before the season gets serious. Still a lot to do in Bodrum and the clock’s ticking.

  5. Those are some great pieces of architecture – can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all done!

  6. . . not just outside my garden, then? 🙁

  7. @ Jack Scott: Same every year isn’t it? Was wondering what the Bodrum situation was. I’m hazarding a guess and saying the new Fethiye town square won’t be ready before the season starts.

    @ Belinda: They’re great looking buildings along Fethiye harbour. Nice that they’ve been taken on.

  8. @ Alan: No, not just outside your garden. When Phase 3 of the harbour starts again, they’ll be right outside our house, too. 🙂

  9. One of my friends is looking at property in Fethiye and asked me what I knew about the town. I told him “I know nothing about having never been there, but these are the people who do!” and sent him a link to your blog. He’s found it most helpful. Thanks for being such a resource.

  10. @ Karen: Well thank you for thinking of us and even better that your friend found what we write about Fethiye useful. 🙂 Hope he finds the property he wants…

  11. Over 30 years I have seen the same stretches of road in Bodrum dug up about 15 times. I shall start to worry if the bulldozers stay away.

  12. @BacktoBodrum: It starts to get like that doesn’t it? A new road laid and then if it stays like that for some time, you wonder what’s going on. 🙂 The roads of Fethiye always have a hole in them somewhere.

  13. Wow, I’ve been away for a few weeks and now the entire harbor is under construction? What other changes are going on in Fethiye? Happy spring!

  14. @ Sarah: Yeah, just about the whole of Fethiye harbour has got something going on somewhere. That’s Fethiye for you. Happy springtime to you, too. 🙂

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