Fethiye: Sundials At The Sundial Hotel

When we left Fethiye for Italy a couple of weeks back, the weather was definitely on the up and spring was in the air. When we returned to Fethiye on Saturday, the summer season had started without us; shorts were in evidence, hotel pools were full and people are actually using them. We can’t kick off our summer season without a trip to the Sundial and, as we have family over at the moment, yesterday was the day we chose to visit.

Sundial Hotel, Fethiye

The pool’s full…but we didn’t brave it yesterday

Back in March, we wrote about the horrendous toll the winter weather took on the Sundial and it’s a wonder that the place is open at all for the 2012 summer season. But open it is – and sundials are very much a feature.

Sundial Otel, Fethiye

We love this sundial with Fethiye as a backdrop

The sundial at the entrance gates is easily the most dramatically situated of the lot. Two slabs of intersecting marble perch on a rock that overlooks the whole of Fethiye and the sea beyond. This is definitely going to be a feature of most people’s Fethiye photo collections in the future.
Sundial Hotel, Fethiye

There are more new sundials at pool level

All the sundials are carefully positioned to tell the correct time. In March, we watched three men struggle to erect the one on the rock. Once in place, smaller rocks were wedged into gaps to get it perfectly flat and then the time was measured. It was ten minutes out. You can imagine the looks on the faces of the assistants as the fastidious Murat said it would have to be repositioned.

Stone Circle At Sundial Hotel

Fethiye’s mini Stonehenge

And it’s not all about sundials at the Sundial Hotel. A wander up the steps, away from the pool, will bring you to Fethiye’s very own Stonehenge. No mysteries here though about how these rocks were brought here and put into place; this was yet another Murat project.

Sunset At The Sundial Hotel, Fethiye

Evening meal at sunset

We stayed around at the Sundial to eat an evening meal and watch the sunset on our first 2012 Fethiye-summer-season-day-out. On future visits, we’ll be able to enjoy vegetables and herbs from the newly planted vegetable garden.

Sundial Hotel Sunset

Another Sundial Hotel sundial

Well, you can’t go to the Sundial and not watch the sunset, can you? That would be such a waste.

For more information about the Sundial, you can visit and ‘Like’ their Facebook Page

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  1. What interesting features! I’ve never heard of a sundial theme before, but I quite like it. 🙂 The photo of your sunset meal experience is stunningly beautiful. 🙂

  2. That is one cool sundial – I’ve never seen anything like that before either!

  3. @ Rambling Tart: Thanks. 🙂 Yes, interesting theme isn’t it? The sundials are all made by the family, too.

    @ Belinda: There are a few different ones but the sundial pointing into the sky is a definite favourite for us. 🙂

  4. That’s wonderful, after each of your posts I realize how much of Turkey I want to see!

  5. This is really interesting!
    Best thing to do in this hotel is to forget about time.
    And watch the world go by…

  6. @ Angela: There’s too much of Turkey to see. We’ve hardly touched it yet. 🙂

    @ London Caller: The Sundial is a good people watching place but we do love the sundials, too. 🙂

  7. Just come from Miss Footloose’s blog. A quick hello from Datca…

  8. @ Turquoise Diaries: A great blog to read. 🙂 Lucky you, being in Datça. We were there in November. So pretty.

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