Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye – A True Terrace Bar Experience

Is Cafe Park Teras our favourite terrace bar in Fethiye? Well, having been enjoying its views and tipples since its opening in 2010, it’s probably fair to say that that is indeed the case. We like to wander around the myriad of feeding and watering holes around Fethiye but there’s always the old faithfuls that keep drawing us back time and again.

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye

Sometimes, you’ve got to look up to spot the best places

Cafe Park Teras is an out and out terrace bar. Unlike other terrace bars in Fethiye, such as the lovely El Camino, it sits atop a tall building that’s home to a pharmacy at ground level and offices on each of the subsequent floors. Enter the building and you feel like you’re going anywhere except a bar!

There’s A Lift!

Eek, so what happens if you’re not much into dragging your weary legs up numerous flights of stairs? Not the most attractive option if you’ve just walked off the busy street in the Fethiye summer heat.

Lift At Cafe Park Teras

Fan of a glass lift?

Ahh, well, never fear because there is the Cafe Park Teras glass lift to carry you all the way up to the 4th floor. If you’re not too brave with heights, you can stand facing the doors. Otherwise, enjoy watching the ground floor of this office block become more distant as you pass each landing, climbing closer and closer to your destination.

The Cafe Park Teras Of Yesteryear

This photo below? We’re leaving this here as a little piece of history. This is what Cafe Park Teras looked like in 2012, back when we wrote this original post.

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye

A completely different Cafe Park Teras back in 2012

Pigeon Fanciers

Each year, Cafe Park Teras owner, Tayfun, makes some improvements or changes so that the bar just gets better and better. When we first came up here in 2010, we were sharing the space with a fully-occupied pigeon coop. Yes, you read that right. You see, this space is family-owned. Their house is here – and the family are pigeon fanciers.

The pigeon coops are no longer a part of the space of Cafe Park Teras, but, occasionally, you get the odd one that will perch itself along the perimeter railings of the bar. They come to nest so you can still see them flying by sometimes.

Cafe Park Teras Pigeon

A pigeon mummy comes to lay her eggs

A Constant In A World Of Change

This little lady had laid a couple of eggs in the rafters one summer so she was a regular visitor. Not shy, either, as you can see. She seemed quite happy to have us all sitting around and taking photos of her. We love to see the occasional pigeon visitor like this. Cafe Park Teras has changed so much (for the better) over the years – beyond recognition. The rare pigeon visitor is a little reminder – and a continuation – of what was…

Cafe Park Teras – Those Fethiye Views

But what is the main reason many of us love to make the effort to get ourselves up to rooftop bars like Cafe Park Teras? Height often means ‘views’ and, amongst its many selling points, the stupendous views across Fethiye bay have got to be the main pull for most visitors to this bar.

View From Cafe Park Teras

Watch daily Fethiye life from Cafe Park Teras

Street Views

Cafe Park Teras is situated right on the corner of the harbour, opposite the entrance to the big Tuesday market and commands some of the best views in town. Sit at any of the tables along the edge of the terrace and you can find yourself rooted there for hours, gazing at life in Fethiye going on down below.

Let your eyes be lead along the palm-lined harbour and out over town, towards the mountains beyond. (For a bit of perspective, the green-roofed seating area jutting out into the sea is Hello Büfe.) Listen to the beeping horns of the Fethiye traffic as it stops and starts at the pedestrian crossing. Watch people rushing, ambling, sitting – you’re unseen up here. This is your world.

Perfect Fountain Vantage Point

Uğur Mumcu Park

Summer fountains and bougainvillea viewed from Cafe Park Teras

Ahh, those famous Fethiye fountains. They’re housed in Uğur Mumcu Park which just so happens to be directly below Cafe Park Teras. So, not only can you sit and daydream whilst looking out to sea, watching the gülets sail in and out of the bay; you can also enjoy the topiary and the dance of the summer fountains, too. Of course, that also means you can also sit and chuckle at all the selfies taking place, too.

Night Views From Cafe Park Teras

The fountains come into their own at night

And it’s not just in the daytime when you can enjoy the fountain views. How’s that for a night time view, eh? Sit at Cafe Park Teras on a summer’s evening and you can marvel at the lights of the fountains and the reflections of the distant lights heading towards Çalış.

What’s On The Cafe Park Teras Menu?

Errm, all sorts. Let’s deal with the solids, first of all. In years gone by, Cafe Park Teras was a bar where you could pick up the odd little snack to satisfy those hunger pangs while you enjoyed your drink. In 2019, however, all that changed.

Cafe Park Teras Food Area

Cafe Park Teras now has open kitchen and more seating with views

Time To Eat

An extension to the business side of the roof terrace means that Cafe Park Teras now enjoys wrap-around 270 degree views, more seating and an open kitchen. The menu is bar-food-tempting! Think burgers, wraps, pizza. There are also full grills such as chicken and köfte dishes.

If you want something lighter or healthier, there are various pasta dishes, salads and noodle dishes such as pad thai.

Cafe Park Teras Mexican Beef Wrap

A packed Mexican beef wrap with more chillies for good measure

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in spring, we decided to drop by for what we thought would be a late snacky lunch. We could then have a late dinner at home. Scrap any ideas of a late dinner – we didn’t need to eat again for the rest of the day!

Wrap And A Burger

I went for the spicy Mexican beef wrap. Packed with meaty filling, it was also served with fries, rocket, and, just for good measure, a barbecue sauce and extra bowl of pickled chillies. If you like spicy, this is one for you!

Cafe Park Teras Burger

A Cafe Park Teras burger – of the Texas variety

Barry opted for the Texas burger – again, this is a spicy option. It’s topped generously with jalapeño chillies. On the side was a fresh salad along with pickled gherkins and a basket of fries. So big and meaty (and homemade) was the burger that the fries defeated Barry.

There are so many places in the Fethiye area where you can get a decent burger, these days and Cafe Park Teras is right up there with the best of them.

As well as the accompaniments on your plate, various sauces and condiments are delivered to your table with your meal. And, for those of you who like to see what’s going on, the Cafe Park Teras kitchen is completely open so you can watch your meal being prepared.

Time To Drink

Cafe Park Teras Drinks

A VERY occasional cocktail at Cafe Park Teras

Wait; what’s this? Cocktails on our blog? Well, of course, we usually enjoy an ice cold beer…but Cafe Park Teras is the one place where even will indulge in a cocktail. This usually happens about twice a year! Birthday and a summer treat when friends are out. We’re not cocktail enthusiasts – or experts – by any stretch of the imagination, but our cocktail-guzzling friends love the concoctions here.

Cocktails Of Choice

My twice yearly tipples of choice? Mmm, see that ice cream thing, there, in that tall glass? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the dream drink that is a Baileys milkshake! Oh my life! Ice cream, ice, Baileys and a topping of whipped cream. The challenge is not to suck the whole lot through your straw in a matter of seconds! Just divine. I’m quite partial to an annual mojito treat, too.

And Other Drinks, Too

Cafe Park Teras Iced Coffee

Calorific iced coffee with a view

As drinks menus go, ‘comprehensive’ is perhaps the best word to describe the Cafe Park Teras menu. Beers, wines, spirits, liqueur coffees, oodles of cocktails and shots. If there’s a few of you, set beer deals and shot deals are on offer. And if you don’t want alcohol; all the usual soft drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, milkshakes, teas and coffees are here too. Another favourite for me is the Cafe Park Teras iced coffee. A meal and a drink, all in one!

When Winter Comes To Cafe Park Teras

Yes, it’s not summer all the time. So what happens to Cafe Park Teras in those colder, wetter darker months? In years gone by, it used to close. However, the glass sliding doors are in place, the heaters are on the outside terrace for the comfort of smokers. And, for those of us who like to be cosy inside, well, what could be more cosy than a log burner?

Cafe Park Teras Log Burner

Toasty and warm in winter

Winter Sunset

Doesn’t that look lovely and toasty? Yeah, we might want an ice cold beer out of the fridge but we still like to feel the warmth of a real fire. And winter afternoons are really rewarding at Cafe Park Teras. If there’s a storm coming, you can watch it travel at speed across the sea; rain pelting the water before reaching us at the bar. No worries, the floor-to-ceiling windows protect us.

Cafe Park Teras Sunset

Winter sunsets are lovely from Cafe Park Teras

And then there’s the sunsets. Yes, of course the summer sunsets are beautiful, too. But a winter sunset from Cafe Park Teras is often a special event; especially on a cloudy day. It’s not just the sky that bursts with colour. A whole winter sunset glow rests on the bay and across the town below. Magical!

Winter Nights At Cafe Park Teras

Hmm, I say ‘night.’ I’m sure owner Tayfun will vouch for us when I say we are very rarely out on a winter’s evening. That’s our hibernation time!

Cafe Park Teras In Winter

Difficult to leave in winter

The days are short in Fethiye during winter. You can be enjoying a sunny afternoon one minute and then the next thing you know, you photograph the sunset and it’s pitch black. These are the times when you get a bit caught in Cafe Park Teras. Cold dark sky, warm cosy bar, fire roaring. Lovely!

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye – Useful Info

  • Cafe Park Teras is on the roof of the Sesa İş Merkezi building, on the corner of Fethiye harbour across from McDonald’s and behind Uğur Mumcu Park. You can see it centred on our map of Fethiye here.
  • The bar is open all year and sells a whole variety of drinks and food. The kitchen is open daily until 10pm.
  • Keep an eye on their social media counts for any events such as live music (see links below).
  • Like their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram and you can also have your Cafe Park Teras photos added to their website by using the hashtag #CafeParkTeras on Instagram.

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  1. i would love to sit there and sip some wine.

  2. @ Jaz: Yeah, the views over Fethiye are great and a glass of white wine would go down a treat. 😉

  3. The pigeons are back 😉

  4. @ Anonymous: Wish we knew who you are and how you know the pigeons are back. Cheers for the info. We’ll look forward to summer when they reopen. 😉

  5. Lynn Ambrose says

    The first time I visited Turkey was back in 1993 and I stayed in a hotel called Se:Sa, this is what is now the Cafe Park Teras 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Lynn. Yeah, Cafe Park Teras was the Sesa Hotel. Now part of Sesa Iş Merkezi (offices). Cafe Park Teras’s owner’s family own the building. 🙂

  6. Carole Hill says

    Can’t wait to visit Cafe Park Teras when I come to Turkey the view looks amazing! Had to cancel our 2020 trip but will be there in 2021. Love from Australia

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