Fethiye Photo: Early Evening Along The Harbour

For last Friday’s Fethiye photo, we were loving the colours of the traditional, Turkish, mosaic lanterns and the week before that, we were up in Taşyaka, enjoying the vivid yellow of the sunflowers at the Sundial. For this Friday, we’ve decided to go scenic again and we’re back along Fethiye harbour.

Over the years, we’ve probably walked along Fethiye harbour thousands of times, but on occasion, a scene that you’ve seen many times before makes you stop and stare and admire. A few evenings back, we were walking back from a swim at Yacht Classic and we were greeted with one such scene.

Fethiye Marina

Fethiye harbour gülets

It was early evening and, although the sun was getting lower in the sky, it wasn’t quite sunset. It was those few, short moments before the sky starts to turn orange and these Turkish gülets were bathed in that gentle sunlight.

There were three of us and all three of us stopped to comment on the lighting. Two of us were with camera and started to take photos before the light changed. A scene of Fethiye harbour, so familiar, part of what is Fethiye, and yet so different on this summer’s evening.

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  1. . . right place – right time = nice shot!

  2. how gorgeous. it would have stopped me in my tracks too!

  3. @ Alan: Well Fethiye harbour’s a pretty nice place to be. 😉 Cheers.

    @ Jaz: Think it’s the lighting that did it. 🙂

  4. Amazing views…great pics. 🙂

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