Fethiye: How To Get To The Sundial Under Your Own Steam

If you know this blog, you’ll know that we mention the Sundial Hotel quite a lot. That’s because it’s not a bad way to while away some of your time while you’re in the Fethiye area. The views over Fethiye bay and the rest of the town are amazing because the restaurant and pool sit high on the hillside that overlooks it…and herein lies the issue. To take in the ‘views from above,’ you’ve first got to get to the place that’s ‘above.’

If they’re not too busy, and there are a few of you, and you’re staying locally, someone from the Sundial can come to pick you up in the minibus. Contact info is on the Sundial Facebook page. However, if you’re like us and there are usually only two of you, you’re going to need to get there under your own steam. This is a perfectly simple task, when you know where you’re going, and this post is a response to all those who’ve asked us, and will ask us, for directions.

How To Get To Sundial Hotel, Fethiye

There are different ways to get there but this route involves the least uphill walking – always a bonus in summer heat, we think! Whether you’re on a bus or dolmuş, you need to get off as soon as you see the graveyard (mezarlık) in Taşyaka. See below for buses and dolmuşes that take this route.
Roads To Sundial Hotel, Fethiye
Okay, so you’ve got off the bus or dolmuş at the graveyard. On the opposite side of the road, you’ll see lots of apartments and one of them will be called Petek Sitesi. This is 367 Sokak. (The photo above is two angles of the same street.) Set off along this street.
Park Near Sundial Hotel, Fethiye
After about 50 metres, you’ll see this kiddies play park on your left. Straight ahead is a steep hill and to your right is a basketball court. Pass the kiddies park and take the immediate left.
The Road To Sundial Hotel, Fethiye
You’re now walking down 360 Sokak. The rocky hillside is to your right and apartments are to your left. As you can see in the photo above, you go downhill for a few metres and then you start to climb. Don’t worry, it’ll soon be over with – and at least you didn’t come the other way! Follow the road until you get to the junction…
Road To Sundial Hotel, Fethiye
…and you need to bear right at the junction. For now, this is a dusty track but that’s because the council (belediye) are putting a new road in. Keep the rocky hillside to your right…
Approaching Sundial Hotel
…and eventually, you will see the mosque. Pass the mosque and some new apartments that are being built just next door…
Way To Sundial Hotel, Fethiye
…and then you’ll be able to see this house on the left hand side of the road. You’ll be grateful when you see this because it means you’re at the top of the little climb. Allow your eyes to glance left…
Sundial Approach Views
…because you’ll get a little teaser of the views to come (and you’ll get a breather while you take it all in). Pass the house and you’ll see the gated entrance to the Sundial just to the left. This board is a welcome sight.
Sundial Hotel Entrance
But what’s even more welcome is going down the steps to the swimming pool, having a dip and then taking a lovely big gulp thirst quenching Efes Pilsen!

Getting to Sundial Hotel, Fethiye – Useful Info

  • From Fethiye: Take the orange Taşyaka dolmuş (2 lira) or the blue Belediye bus (1 lira) from the centre of Fethiye. As soon as the bus starts to climb to Taşyaka, look out for the traffic lights (there are some purple apartments just opposite). The bus takes a right here and you’ll see the graveyard on your right a bit further up the hill. Get off at the graveyard.
  • From Çalış: Happy days! There is now a council bus that runs between the Devlet Hospital (the big state hospital in Çalış) and Taşyaka, therefore passing the graveyard where you need to get off. Cost is 1lira! Unfortunately, there aren’t many in a day and they don’t run at weekends. During those times, you need a dolmuş/bus into town and then follow the ‘from Fethiye’ instructions above.
  • From Ölüdeniz / Ovacık / Hisarönü: Get on the Fethiye dolmuş. As the dolmuş starts heading down hill, all the Taşyaka apartments will be on your right. As you approach the traffic lights (the first set you’ll see, going down hill) you’ll see the graveyard on your left. Get off here.
  • From getting off your bus to reaching the Sundial, it’s a 5-10 minute walk, depending on how hot it is. Just think of your beer and pool reward at the end!

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  1. doesn’t get more specific than that!

  2. @ Alan: Ha ha. It’s one of those posts that just had to be done. We get so many emails asking us how to get to the Sundial. we can just link to this page in the future instead of repeating ourselves. 🙂

  3. I wish all directions were like this.

  4. @ BacktoBodrum: Are they clear enough, then? Reckon you could find the Sundial? 🙂 We always get terrible directions and I need walking through everything so that’s why we do them like this. 😉

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