Fethiye Town Square – We’re Nearly There…

We like to follow changes and developments in Fethiye. In May of last year, we posted about Phase 2 of the new Fethiye harbour and earlier this year, we updated on the new restaurants that were being built along Phase 2. It’s a minor obsession.

Well, way back in February, we did a post about us happening upon the advertising hoardings for a new Fethiye town square along the harbour and we took a photo of the soily, muddy area where the proposed square was going to be. (Click the link to view the start point).

Since then, much has happened and, as far as the harbour’s concerned, it’s been a bit of a summer of discontent. Well, you can’t take on such a task without causing a bit of disruption, can you?

Locals and tourists alike have spent the hot summer months picking their way along this stretch of harbour as diggers and workers toil away beside them.

But now, it’s all starting to come together and we’re starting to get a picture of the final product…

June 2012

The harbour became more of a dust track than a promenade as diggers and dumper trucks trundled up and down, offloading marble, topsoil, tiles, trees and plants.

Fethiye Town Square, Beşkaza Meydanı

Construction continues at Beşkaza Meydanı

Cement trucks poured concrete into steel frames arranged in circular patterns and we guessed these must be for the water features.

A huge open space that had been cleared in front of Dispanser was paved in marble and holes left at regular intervals. For fountains? We’ll wait and see.

Landscaping came next, and trees trained into weird and wonderful shapes were planted around the suspected water features.

Fethiye Town Square Construction

Landscaping started to take place

Palm trees of different varieties were planted to line the harbour and the suspected water features were adorned in blue and white mosaic tiles.

July 2012

When you live somewhere and you see the same things going on each day, you don’t really notice how things are taking shape.

But one day in July as we were walking to Fethiye Tuesday market, we were stopped in our tracks and, for once, we were speechless. The topiary arrived!

We weren’t quite sure what to make of our little leafy horse and cart, complete with wooden wheels and leafy driver – but then what do we know?

Since his arrival, we’ve seen countless people having their photos taken in front of Fethiye’s new tourist attraction. And the topiary doesn’t stop there.

Fethiye Town Square, Uğur Mumcu Park

Topiary abounds in the new town square

A walk along Fethiye harbour will reveal sightings of leafy windsurfers, daisies, other flowers (no, we don’t know what they are), storks, dolphins and swans. We’ve probably missed some out but you’ll have to walk around the square and see for yourself.

August 2012

August saw continued work and the completion of all the lighting.

Fethiye Town Square And Park

We’re almost there

Grass seed was laid and the seating areas arrived. Now we’re in September and completion is not far away.

We were around there yesterday and the harbour is now lined with benches, seating areas have been built around the different features, paths have been laid, the grass seed is starting to take hold, wooden huts (snack kiosks?) are being built and, most importantly, people are starting to use the square.

But until yesterday, we hadn’t seen any evidence of the show piece. The new Fethiye town square was supposed to have a clock tower.

Fethiye Clock Tower

Is this the new Fethiye clock tower?

We’ve been in Izmir for a few days so we don’t know when this arrived but could the red, steel frame in the centre of this circle be the new clock tower? We’re guessing so – and we’ll find out all in good time.

Fethiye town square is set for completion in the next few weeks and no doubt there will be an official opening with water features and fountains on full show. If we’re around, we’ll be there, armed with camera.

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  1. Wow, this looks so different. We came to Fethiye early June with our daughter and her boyfriend. She wanted “fish on the boat”! So we sat at the water’s edge, with a digger just feet away, and mud and dust everywhere! We returned at the end of July for five weeks and couldn’t believe how much progress had been made. Roll on 27th October when we come back for another week or so – it should all be finished by then! A great attraction for both visitors and locals.

  2. @ Julesbob0303: Well we’ve just been told on our Facebook page that the opening is on 29th October so you’ll be here to see it for yourself. Everyone we know comments on how lovely it is. Great that it’s got this positive feedback as there were a few doubters at the beginning. 🙂

  3. Very swish, will look amazing with the fountains on, and I imagine it might have nice lighting for the evenings too? The other topiary flowers look like daffodils. Can’t wait to see it all finished, it’s been great watching in stages through your lens.

  4. Can’t wait to see all this new stuff next week, looks really nice:)))

  5. We popped into Fethiye Ece marina yesterday for the first time in 13 years. Can not believe how big Fethiye has gown.

  6. @ Cally: It’s really well-lit in the evenings which we’re happy about because people were a bit concerned about having such a dark space. It looks like it’s going to get well used. 🙂

  7. @ Jan: Ooooh, you’ll not recognise the place. All the seating areas are going now, too. See you next week! 🙂

    @ Back to Bodrum: Errrm yes, if you’ve not been to Fethiye for a while you probably wouldn’t recognise it. It’s very much a small city these days. 🙂

  8. Love that topiary!!!!

  9. @ A Seasonal Cook In Turkey: The topiary is definitely the talk of Fethiye. 😉

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