Izmir Travel Photo: An Aegean Sunset – And A Question

The sunset photo – a bit of a cliché of the photography world, but aren’t they just irresistible? Wherever we are, we always like to try and catch a good sunset. The trouble is, we’re a bit spoilt in this part of Turkey. We can watch the increasingly famous Çalış Beach sunset whenever we like, a stroll towards town at the right time of day gives us a glimpse of the Fethiye harbour sunset, we’ve photographed the sun going down at the Sundial and we’ve also caught the odd image of the sunset around Ölüdeniz.

All of these sunsets inspire awe and tempt any wannabe photographer to take out their camera and make numerous attempts to capture the moment. It happens to us even when we’re not in the Fethiye area. While we were in Izmir, we were fortunate to be walking along the seafront on our first evening there.

Izmir Sunset, Alsancak

Sunset in Izmir

As the sun disappeared over the horizon of the Aegean, silhouettes of the lighting and sculptures stood out against the oranges of the sky. You can also make out the silhouettes of people. That’s because Izmir’s breezy seafront – the kordon (promenade) and the grassy areas around it – is hugely popular in the summer months.

They don’t just serve the purpose of making the area look neat and tidy. The local people of Izmir make full use of it, strolling, sitting along the walls or sitting on the grass, chatting and drinking. And why not when this is the view? It’s a really lovely place to be in the evening – a light, relaxed atmosphere.

But we have a question:

We love modern sculptures (we photographed a lot of sculptures in Antalya). For us, they add real interest to an area. The sculpture in this photo was one of the first things that caught our eyes along Izmir seafront – we loved it – but as with many other modern, artistic additions to the city streets of Turkey, there is no information about it nearby. A quick search online has given a small clue that it may be called ‘Dilek Ağacı’ – ‘Wish Tree.’

Do you know anything about this sculpture? Is that its name and who were the sculptors? We’d love to read your suggestions if you’re able to shed any light on this. Thanks.

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  1. Cliche or not – I love to photograph sunsets. And I’m rarely as lucky as you have been with this shot.

  2. @ Italian Notes: Yes, a good sunset is just irresistible. Izmir had some fab ones while we were there. 🙂

  3. Lovely photo. My camera is not very good in the dark,the camera on my iPad is actually better.

  4. @ Anne Mackle: My camera has different settings on it for different times of day etc sp I just play about with those. Barry uses a tablet and the photos on that come out okay, too. 🙂

  5. linda chomanicz says

    when we were in turkey about 8 years ago we bought a wish tree lucky charm and it had the evil eye on all it’s branches. Its was basically explained as a lucky charm to help make your dreams come true, and ward off misfortune and ill feeling towards you from others. Hope this helps, fantastic photo by the way.

  6. @ Linda Chomanicz: Thanks, re the photo. Yes there are lots of wish trees in Turkey with evil eyes and messages on them. They’re a lovely idea. We think the name of this sculpture is ‘wish tree’ (only because we’ve seen a photo on Flickr by an Izmir guy). Would love to know who the sculptors are and isn’t it lovely to see a modern, metal version of a wish tree? 🙂

  7. just beautiful!

  8. @ Jazz: Thanks. It’s Izmir that’s beautiful. 🙂

  9. . . nice one! Good colour and contrast.

  10. @ Villa Rhapsody: Thanks a lot for your comment. Lol, guess where we got the wish tree info from. 😉 That photo is fab, actually. Would love to know who the sculptors are, now, too. 🙂

    @ Alan: Cheers. My camera isn’t great but it doesn’t do a bad sunset. 🙂

  11. @ Villa Rhapsody: Ignore that last comment, just seen the information below it!! Thanks. 🙂

  12. Beautiful photo! The colors of the sunset are gorgeous. I wish I could help you with information about the sculpture!

  13. @ Chelsea: No worries about the sculpture info, just glad you liked our Izmir sunset. 🙂

  14. Beautiful sunset pic…..you always have nice photographs.
    I asked my husband who is from Izmir what that piece was and he said he’s been away since the early 80’s and said lots of new things he hasn’t seen or knows about.

  15. @ Erica (Irene): Thank you. Yes, lots of new things in Izmir. People who know the city have seen our photos and said they can’t believe how much it’s changed. 🙂

  16. Excellent photo! Perhaps you should start a photo club based out of Fethiye? We have an expat one here in Istanbul that I participate with during the year.

  17. @ Joy: Chers for the compliment. 🙂 Not sure my camera would be good enough to join any sort of photo club right now. It’s on its last legs. 😉

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