Fethiye Beaches – Rustic Kuleli Koyu

In a previous post, we set off along the Karagözler and made the walk to Kuleli Koyu. That post shows photos of the amazing Fethiye bay scenery that’s viewed along the route, but what about when we arrive at Kuleli Koyu? Is the bay worth all that effort? Well, we think so, just because we love to walk along that stretch of road and Kuleli Koyu is our favourite of the Fethiye beaches.

Kuleli Koyu, Fethiye

Kuleli Koyu

Just like Aksazlar Bay and the other bays around this area of Fethiye, Kuleli Koyu is set in a clearing in the pine forests that cover the hillsides along the coastline. But, unlike Aksazlar, which has gone for a restaurant-feel, Kuleli has kept it simple and rustic.

A small, wooden cafe with plastic chairs and tables serves customers with snacks and drinks. Those who are going to be drinking çay all day long can opt for a large çaydanlık, the water heated by coals, that they can take down to the beach with them. Chickens, cockerels and guinea fowl run around freely, providing entertainment for those who sit at the cafe and tables are available for those who are here to picnic. It’s a good set-up. And what of these snacks?

Efes Beer, Köfte Sandwich & Chips

After a long walk – beer, real chips and homemade, barbecued köfte

It’s fair to say that after our slightly-longer-than-expected walk, we were all hungry and definitely very thirsty. All four of us ordered an Efes Pilsen while we looked at the small menu. We glanced up to see all the meat was being cooked over coals on a barbecue. Brilliant. We all opted for the köfte ekmek. And then we ordered chips, just for good measure.

At 7.5 TL for the köfte ekmek, we have had cheaper, BUT we’re in a relatively secluded bay in perfect surroundings, the köfte is homemade, it’s cooked over coals and the sandwich was massive. It was worth it! In fact, when we saw our köfte ekmek, we knew the chips were unnecessary…but they were real chips…irresistable. We did work our way through them, eventually. Oh, and the beers were freezing cold, too!

Kösks At Kuleli Koyu, Fethiye

Köşk seating along the Kuleli shoreline

Kuleli Koyu has sunbeds and umbrellas for hire for those who are here to soak up the rays. And, if you’re lounging around all day, it’s also possible to hire one of the shaded köşks. We were there just to have something to eat and drink and then a quick swim. Drying off while lying on your beach towel is completely free.

Kuleli Bay, Fethiye

Kuleli Koyu

The beach itself is pebble and stone – they all are in this area of Fethiye – but, as we said in our last Kuleli post, the sea here is clear, cool and refreshing.

Fethiye Beaches: Kuleli Koyu – Further Info:

  • Entrance fee to Kuleli Koyu is 1.25 TL per person.
  • Hiring a köşk for the day will cost you 15 TL. Sunbeds and umberellas are 5 TL each. (All prices are summer 2012.)
  • In season, the dolmuş runs all the way to Kuleli Koyu every 20 minutes. They still run in October but much less often. Check with the driver. The fare is 4 TL.
  • View the location of Kuleli Beach on our Fethiye map here.

Update June 2015 – Our favourite rustic Fethiye beach has had a huge makeover and has been transformed into the modern-style Kuleli Beach Park.

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  1. You lucky people being able to still enjoy the beach. The weather is now slightly cooler here in Adapazari and we had a very foggy start to the day.

    Thank you for sharing at least I can look at the pictures and daydream about days at the beach.

  2. beautiful beach and wonderful food!

  3. Looks like my kind of place – I’m going to have to move to Fethiye for at least a month to try out all these places.

  4. @ Kerry Arslan: We tend not to go to the beaches in Fethiye until this time of year. The sun is too hot for us in summer. 🙂

  5. @ Jaz: Yeah Kuleli Koyu is definitely our favourite bay now – especially as the food is so good. 🙂

    @ BacktoBodrum: Would you be able to tear yourself away from Bodrum for so long to come to Fethiye? 🙂

  6. Kuleli is lovely as long as the return dolmus comes by!! I had to call a taxi to get back to Fethiye as I would otherwise have been stranded for several hours. Still think it is worth a visit

    • The dolmuş runs regularly these days – every 20 minutes – between June and September, while the kids are off school. Other than that, yes you would need a taxi, or if you don’t mind a walk, we walk it quite often. All the dolmuşes go to the end of the Karagözler just past the boatyard, so you can jump on them there, or just get a taxi to there then you’re not paying a lot to go all the way to your destination.

  7. Nice article. I remember I was in Fethiye a few years ago. Originally planned 2-3 days, at the end we stayed for a week. The beaches in Fethiye were OK what I found really lovely the beach in the neighboring Oludeniz.

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